Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat transfer aka fat grafting in Dubai is emerging as a new, reliable solution for breast augmentation, skin rejuvenation and butt lift.

Rather than implants, it uses an individual’s own fat to combat differences in the shape, and size of body parts and ultimately to rebuild them. Men and women can both benefit from this surgery, and will achieve the incredible, natural outcome of course. Furthermore, it doesn’t involve maximal surgical interventional therefore there are like no major side-effects after it.

Who is the Candidate?

It can be a permanent solution for:

  1. Improving small butts or bosoms
  2. Treating facial scars
  3. Adding volume to sunken cheeks or eyes
  4. Rejuvenating the hands

As long as you have sufficient fat on your body available for Fat Transfer Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can get benefit from this procedure. But it is vital to make sure that you are in a good health, and have realistic expectations about the positive and negative effects possible from this surgery.

Results of Fat Transfer Dubai:

It should be pointed out that final results don’t appear too soon. They usually show up when the side-effects subside completely. In general, it takes five to seven months for the newly inserted cells to merge with existing cells.

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  1. Schedule your fat transfer surgery when you are in good health
  2. For a week before surgery, increase your protein intake. This is important to heal fast after the surgery
  3. Discontinue taking medications which can cause adverse reactions afterward
  4. Aspirin can increase the risk of post-surgery bleeding so please avoid it
  5. Talk with your doctor about why you have opted for this procedure and what results do you expect

If you are pregnant or have any medical condition, you should definitely postpone your surgery


During operation, the surgeon will extract fat from regions where the fat is in a greater amount such as the inner thighs, abdomen, or arms. However, after extraction, it is typically transformed into liquefied form through a special technique. In the next step, the surgeon places that prepared fat into the face, hands, bosoms, or butts to restore harmony to the individual’s body. This ultimately leads to a sexier figure and beautiful skin.

When you will come in for fat transfer surgery consultation, we will skillfully examine you from a 360-degree perspective in order to determine the best places that can act as donor and recipient sites for your fat transfer.


  1. For a minimum of two weeks, do not perform any strenuous exercise
  2. Contact the surgeon immediately if you notice bleeding coming from the donor and recipient sites
  3. Resume your household chores after at least three to four days

Cost of Fat Transfer Surgery:

In general, the average cost of Fat transfer surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is AED 12,000.

The cost of this procedure in Dubai is significantly less than in France, the United Kingdom, China, or similar countries. However, it is greatly dependent on the area you want to repair, along with the amount of fat you harvest.


Nothing is more important than proper pre and post-operative care. Taking good care of yourself will allow you to enjoy the most amazing results and make your recovery smooth and fast.

The patient should also be aware that it could take about seven to ten days to fully recover following surgery. However, the extent of the procedure, patient’s age, and health status play important role in speeding up the recovery process.

Anyway, fat grafting an outpatient procedure, patients are likely to go home the same day. However, if are having a complex and time-consuming surgery, you may be required to stay in the health center for observation.

In the first few days, you can expect mild pain, swelling, and soreness in both donor and recipient sites. However, your doctor will have given you drugs to control this discomfort, so you can use them as per his instructions. Also, keep in mind that the results of fat transfer surgery will show up when the side-effects will go away.

Wrapping Up:

Regain confidence, say goodbye to aging effects on body and face, enjoy fuller, & rounder buttocks, and restore a perkier chest by undergoing completely safe and effective fat transfer surgery in Dubai. It is typically done in local anesthetic under sedation, and so delivers most natural results to patients with minimal discomfort. Since it does not require large incisions or stitches so there is no risk of scaring or other serious complications following surgery. Anyhow, when it comes to the results, the modifications made with this procedure are permanent but only on the condition that you don’t lose weight. Significant weight loss can halt the positive effects remain as good as possible.

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