Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List

Are you tired of waxing, shaving, twisting? Fed up of using another hair-removing treatment plan? Do you desire to have a permanent solution at an affordable cost? Then check out the Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List.

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The Laser Hair Removal Cost for Full Body:

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Dubai Prices depends on the no of sessions opted by patients. Prices for a Full Body Laser Hair Removal are:

  • One session is for AED 799.
  • Three sessions are for AED 2,200.
  • And six sessions are for AED 4,400.

Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List:

We are proposing a price that will astound anyone. Our laser therapy costs are far better than those charged by competing facilities in your area. The list consists of prices:

Body Parts 1 Session (AED) 3 Sessions (AED) 6 Sessions (AED)
5 Areas (Full Arms, Full Legs, Bikini, Under-Arms, Face) 599 1,500 2,800
Around the Nipples 99 250 350
Beard Line 200 399 499
Belly Line 99 250 350
Bikini Line 200 499 850
Ears 99 250 350
Face 200 399 499
Fistula 199 499 850
Full Arms 250 699 999
Full Back 300 699 999
Full Bikini 299 699 999
Full Body 799 2,200 4,400
Full Buttocks 250 599 999
Full Chest 150 350 500
Full Chest and Stomach 300 699 999
Full Legs 350 899 1500
HalfArm 200 499 899
Half Legs 250 599 999
Lower Body 500 1,200 2,100
Nape 99 250 350
T-Shirt Style 600 1,500 1,899
Underarms 99 250 350
Upper Body 650 1,500 2,700


Factors Affecting the Cost:

Several factors affect the cost of Laser Hair Removal. They are:

  • The Laser expert charges.
  • The clinic’s geography.
  • Treatment methodologies.
  • Treatment sessions.
  • Target area.
  • Topical anesthesia.
  • The condition of the patient’s skin.

Insurance Reimbursement:

Laser Hair Removal is classified as a cosmetic procedure technique. The finance comes out of the pocket. Laser hair removal may be partially or entirely reimbursed by insurance if treatment is essential due to a diagnosis promoting severe hair production.

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