Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List

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Are you feeling tired from the hassles of removing your hair with continuous shaving or waxing or fed up from using traditional hair removal techniques regularly? Imagine wiping away your hair permanently at an affordable cost. Then check out the Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List.

We are here to turn this imagination into a reality with the most innovative, cheap, and effective hair removal laser technology. Read the article below and shine brightly with silky and clearer skin!

The Rising Popularity of Laser Hair Removal:

Laser is a long-term hair reduction strategy that utilizes intensive light beams to destroy hair follicles in the internal and external layers of the skin. Hair pigments absorb the specific wavelength emitted by the laser machine. This heat damages the follicle and slows down their future growth. The strategy is ideal for both males and females who are feeling frustrated with unnecessary growths on their different body parts including face. 

Essential Highlights:

Healing time

2 to  3 days
WorkingA laser device works on upper skin layers and removes hair from its roots. 
Number of sessions6
Longevity of resultsDepends on hair growth
GenderBoth male and female
Targeted areas

Full Body including face.

Laser Hair Removal Cost:

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Prices depend on the no of sessions. Prices for a Full Body Laser Hair Removal are:

  • Full Body male  499 AED.
  • Full body Female 449 AED.

Note: This is the cost of the full body including chest and back

Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List:

The complete price list of Laser Hair Removal is presented below:

Body Parts1 session3 sessions6 sessions
Small area89229449
Underarms (Small Area)89229449
Beard line89229449
Full bikini ( female)149399649
Bikini ( male)179449799
Bikini + fistula199349649
Half arms/legs129329599
Full arms/legs149399649
Full back199349649
T-shirt style (chest, shoulders, Underarm) – Female149399649
T-shirt style (chest, shoulders, Underarm) – Male199459799
Full body laser (Male) – Without chest and Back44912492399
Full body laser (Male) – With chest and Back49913992699
Full body Female (Female) – Without chest and Back39910992099
Full body Female (Female) – With chest and Back44912492399

Factors Affecting the Cost:

Several factors affect the cost of Laser Hair Removal. They are:

  • The Laser expert charges.
  • The clinic’s geography.
  • Treatment methodologies.
  • Treatment sessions.
  • Target area.
  • Topical anesthesia.
  • The condition of the patient’s skin.

Insurance Coverage:

Laser Hair Removal is classified as a cosmetic procedure technique. The finance comes out of the pocket. Laser hair removal may be partially compensated by insurance if treatment is essential due to a diagnosis of severe hair production.

Our Installment Plans:

You can finance your laser with our installment plans. Our plans are composed in a way that you have to pay for the treatment during each session or after every month. Installments are without any interest plans and they are just for the convenience of our customers. 

Smooth Skin Every Day:

For efficient results, consider us as we have the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment. We not only provide a low-cost choice of operations, but we also put your health and appearance first. Our clinic’s mission is to offer you the best results. At the same time, we are causing you the minor level of discomfort possible.

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No, our prices are the same for all skin and hair types.

If you are taking additional procedures or post-care products then you have to pay for them separately.

The cost is the same for all sessions but you can save by purchasing s package of 3 or 6 sessions.

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