Laser Hair Removal Cost Dubai

Do you know how much laser hair removal cost? Here we will tell you. 

While very few of us disclose how tiring is shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams bu

t in actual every one of us is fed up such activities. So why not consider technology to destroy hair follicles? – Laser Hair Removal! This is not as expensive as rumors revolving around. Though, most people are not even actually familiar with the real Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. To help you aware of correct information this blog can surely help. Here we clarified our offered charges for laser hair removal in Dubai. Though, they are extremely less compared to other clinics. Also, we don’t compromise the quality of the lasers over the cost we charge. Continue reading.

Laser Hair Removal Charges:

The cost of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai starts with AED 299. This cost is for smaller areas like upper lips or underarms. For medium areas, AED 500 to AED 700 is charged. Besides for full-body, you are expected to pay more than this. Note that the charges we mentioned here are just for the only session. Speak directly to our consultants for ideal cost estimation.

Laser Hair Removal Cost for Full Body:

The full-body charges for laser hair removal are AED 1900 or $520 per session. This cost estimate might go up for excess hair growth and session duration as well.

Our rates for full-body hair removal are comparatively affordable with the rest of the clinics. Indeed we don’t compromise the quality of lasers over the reasonable rates we offer.

Cost Factors:

Check out the major factors affecting the cost of laser hair removal.

  • Treatment areas
  • Skin & Hair Type
  • Number of Sessions
  • Type of laser used
  • Standards of the clinic

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanently Worth it?

Laser hair removal works by heating follicles. It stops them from growing again. Thus, this laser procedure is not temporary nor permanent. People even sometimes get free from the tension of waxing for years. For this reason, the cost of laser hair removal in Dubai is surely worth it.

Investing in lasers won’t be ever a regretting decision. Compared with traditional techniques that claim intense effort lasers are quick, effective in even severe hair removal problems.

Is There Any Way to Reduce Cost?

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, lasers are not mostly covered by insurance companies. Though, there is no other way to lessen its cost until the clinic announces some discounted offers. Though with us you are expected to get affordable laser sessions on famous events. Plus, on the purchase of four sessions, our laser prices are inevitably reduced.

Although we use high-quality lasers at our clinic at reasonable prices.

In Conclusion:

Ever calculated the cost you spend in salons for waxing? Of course, this isn’t as less compared with lasers. Though laser is a long-time investment and you won’t be needing to repeat the same activity after every week. By having 4-5 sessions of laser you can enjoy hair-free skin for a year. Plus, there is also the possibility to have hair-less skin permanently.

Our laser procedures ensure comfort level. Thus, with proper pre and post-care, you can enjoy everlasting perks of smooth, touchable, hair-free skin.

Schedule your appointment to get some estimate regarding Laser Hair Removal Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.