Helpful Skin Care Tips After Facelift Surgery

Understanding facelift surgery:

Facelift surgery is an advanced cosmetic surgery that people choose to look more young and beautiful. It is done to eliminate sagging from the face and improve facial contour. The procedure reverses those changes in the face that you experience as you age. Because the treatment is surgical, it could be quite painful but local or general anesthesia can be used to reduce the soreness. It would be better for you to have this surgery from an experienced and qualified surgeon to avoid risks, complications, and major side effects after undergoing it.

Are you suitable for facelift surgery?

Any individual ranging in age from 35 to 60 could get benefit from facelift surgery. It addresses the aging signs and provides long-lasting results to most sufferers.

Please note that the results will be better and more enduring for those people who are healthy and non-smokers.

General aftercare instructions:

The following list provides some general aftercare instructions for Facelift surgery Dubai:

  1. You are advised to rest in bed at home to allow your body to heal better.
  2. Refrain from strenuous activities for some days following the surgery.
  3. Don’t smoke as it can result in a difficult recovery.
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol for at least two months after the surgery.
  5. Do not participate in housework or routine activities for a few days.
  6. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and herbs such as garlic and ginkgo as they can thin the blood and lead to increased bleeding.

Important Skincare tips:

Taking care of your skin after facelift surgery is very important. Here are some tips that you have to use to fully recover from a facelift,

  1. Treat the skin gently, do not rub, scratch, or unnecessarily touch your face for a few days following the procedure.
  2. Use natural and organic face moisturizers to prevent skin damage from chemicals.
  3. Avoid using strong soaps as they can clean out sebum from the skin.
  4. Maintain a high protein diet because it also plays a major role in keeping you nourished.
  5. Wait for at least three months before getting any other facial treatment.
  6. Avoid picking or scratching scabs because it can increase the risk of developing infection and permanent scarring.
  7. Massage your skin with only prescribed topical medications. Gentle massage will reduce the appearance of the scars.
  8. Swelling and mild bleeding during the initial days are common. You can use cold compressors or ice bags to reduce the. this inflammation.
  9. Do not rush into your normal make-up routine, take at least two weeks off after your surgery before using any makeup product. It is better to avoid wearing makeup until all the swelling subsides. And of course, your makeup bag can wait.
  10. Turn washing your skin into a habit at night. Proper skin cleansing helps to clear pores which then gives enough room for the skin to breathe.
  11. Skin protection from harmful sun rays is also very important. Wear strong SPF sunscreen before going out during the day, especially from about 10 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Wrapping up!

Facelift surgery is one of the best cosmetic procedures to develop a new self-image for you. Get the surgery and develop a good skincare routine to preserve the results for a long time. For more information about facelift surgery aftercare, book your appointment with one of our experts now. Just fill out the form or call us to schedule a free consultation.