5 Useful Tips to Select a Real or Mini facelift

A technique that uses an innovative anti-aging procedure to turn the clock back of your face is known as “Mini facelift”. It is one of the most common types of facelift surgeries performed today at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. The major aim of this treatment is to address the concerns of the lower third of the face and prominent signs of aging including wrinkles and saggy skin which works by creating very small incisions around the ears. By doing so, excess tissues are removed and artfully tightened the surrounding ones. At our clinic, you will come up with a more refreshed and youthful appearance accentuating your natural beauty. Males and females who are not ready for a traditional facelift and are looking for less invasive treatment with less downtime, a mini facelift is an option for them.

Useful Tips to Select a Real or Mini facelift:

“Life should be lived beautifully and you should be surrounded by beauty”

1.      Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery:

The care and concern we have for you as a patient deliver the best patient experience possible and guarantee great results rather than being certified in plastic or cosmetic surgery. Our cosmetic surgeon is well-trained and dedicated his practice to all the cosmetic procedures. Board certification also demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning that meets the level of an experienced surgeon. It gives an idea of dedication that your doctor has for you and for your care.

2.      Safety:

It is well documented that along with experience comes safety.  The procedure in the hands of a more experienced surgeon is even safer with a lower rate of complications which is further enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art equipment. We offer facelift surgeries with predictable results and take great pride in our safety record. Self-analysis, case presentation, peer review, and safety meetings are helping us more in moving towards further improvement and betterment. Our aim is to make you feel both safe and comfortable.

3.      Innovative Technologies:

Our professionals use the most advanced equipment for mini-lift cosmetic surgery. The team at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic takes pride in staying current by offering the latest technologies. From surgical procedures to minimally invasive treatments we are providing the best services to cosmeuceticals as well such as Botox, dermal fillers, whitening injections, and Juvederm. We allow you to achieve the results you desire by providing a balanced natural look.

4.      A surgeon with Aesthetic Sense:

Before choosing a mini-lift, look at before and after photos. Compare the results of all the cosmetic surgeons you have consulted. In addition, pay more attention to those clients who have similar features as you and then go for the surgeon whose results appeal to you personally. At our clinic, you will find consistency in the surgeon’s results for all the treated patients.

5.      Personalized and Compassionate Care:

We never assign a figure to you. You will be treated with dignity and kindness from the minute you enter our clinic. Our individualized care plans and customized empathetic care will make you feel comfortable as we want our peers to come back for years to come. This is what we look forward to developing a relationship with you. Before going for a real or mini-lift, our team guides a full process of transformation by allowing the inner beauty to unfold. We are trying day by day to offer only distinguished results.

Why Come to Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic For Mini-Facelift?

  • Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers a complimentary consultation with our expert professional.
  • Our clinic is home to many cosmetic surgeons pioneering the innovative face lifting techniques.
  • We are using updated anesthetic technologies for minimizing downtime unlike many of our competitors.
  • During the recovery period, our nursing staff provides a dedicated 24/7 on-call services – we are here to solve your queries anytime.
  • With a track record of performing safe, effective and high-quality cosmetic surgery, we are among one of the award-winning aesthetic clinics.

Take Away!

If you are planning surgery; you have some decisions to make. Choosing the right clinic to undergo mini-facelift is very important for achieving the best outcomes. Five tips mentioned above will definitely help you in going for a face lifting procedure at our clinic. Keep in mind, face lifting procedures range in size from mini to standard depending on skin laxity and location. Our facilities entrust your desired cosmetic journey. You can be a candidate if:

  • You have facial and neck wrinkles.
  • You have a tired facial appearance.
  • You believe you lack youthful face and neck contours.
  • You have developed jowls and creases in-between the nose and corners of your mouth.