Body Jet Liposuction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

This liposuction technique involves utilizing the gentle power of water to target excess fat. It provides incredible aesthetic results, the downtime is minimal and the healing process is fast so I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Well, you are about to undergo a life-changing procedure. That’s exciting. Imagine looking your absolute best, and having a beautiful figure. In a nutshell, imagine how this treatment is going to affect your life. Let me explore this further.


We will style, you will smile. Dynamic clinic provides all forms of body contouring treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, for overweight and heavier adults. Above all, with us, you are going to receive incredible results and maximum efficiency and we are proud of that.

Traditional liposuction is highly invasive and popular fat reduction surgery. For the past twenty years, it has been used as the front-line treatment for reducing localized fat deposits. Though it was a fantastic solution, even then some scientists felt the need to discover a more effective and safer solution. So, after putting in a lot of effort and struggle, Body Jet Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi was introduced.

Treated through Body Jet Liposuction Procedure?

Following are your body parts that can be rejuvenated, enhance, contour and reshape by undergoing the Body-Jet liposuction:


While it is a long-term solution but depending upon the amount of fat to be removed, you can expect to enjoy final upshots between one to four months. In order words, we can say that you have to be a more patient person for this treatment.


Anyway, before you take the plunge, here are some of the many amazing benefits of Body Jet Liposuction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

  1. Effective and simple body contouring treatment
  2. Liquefies fat deposits without complications
  3. Treats almost every body part
  4. Leaves your body more contoured than before
  5. Gives lasting results
  6. A well-proven technique


For the best liposuction results, you have to prepare yourself beforehand. Here are some of the most important things you should consider.

  • Find the best aesthetic clinic for you. If you want the highest quality aesthetic care in Dubai, Dynamic clinic would be glad to help
  • Stop any use of nicotine products two weeks before the appointment day
  • Boost your health by avoiding alcoholic drinks for a couple of weeks before getting this treatment
  • For at least 72 hours, don’t take anything that can thin your blood. For this, avoid aspirin, vitamin E & B, and even herbal supplements


Broadly speaking, the procedure is pretty gentle and quick. Here are the basic steps:

First, local anesthesia is infused in the affected area to reduce the risk of major complications.

Then, a fan-shaped liposuction system is brought near the affected site and is turned on.

This dislodges fat from the connective tissues without causing any unnecessary damage to the skin.

Finally, the dislodged fat is vacuumed away via the suction tube.


Here are 4 things every patient should do in order to achieve a successful, fast recovery.

  1. The first few days are very important. It is imperative to get plenty of rest in these days
  2. Stay hydrated and healthy. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods
  3. Refrain from strenuous activities for three to five weeks following your treatment
  4. Take good care of the treatment site. Wear compression clothes for at least a week. This helps control swelling, bruising, and support your newly reshaped body.


In Dubai & Sharjah, the cost of Body Jet Liposuction ranges from AED 8,000 to AED 15,000 depending on sculpting needed, amount of fat to be removed, the technology used, and the region.


After body Jet Liposuction, there will be swelling. And it should be noted that this swelling may take a couple of weeks to settle down.

Anyhow, when it comes to downtime, most doctors recommend a few days off from work. This is basically needed to achieve the optimal results and to recover smoothly.


Complications that result in contour irregularities are very rare, but some side-effects such as swelling, bruising, mild pain, bleeding, etc. are fairly common. These negative effects generally clear up within a month and very few sufferers consider them to be a long-term issue.

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