Beard Transplant Cost in Dubai ,Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Thin Beard? No Volume? Consider Beard Transplant. 

Read Ahead to Pinpoint its Exact Cost.

When it comes to the Beard Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, there’s a lot you should know. As a matter of fact, each person’s beard is different having different expectations. So there is no fixed cost for this transplantation. But here I mentioned the insights on average estimate that every person should discern it earlier. Continue reading.

Average Cost:

Beard Transplant cost in Dubai usually starts from AED 3000 to AED 7000 depending upon how large bald area is to be treated and the number of grafts required in your unique beard. Though our rates are not too high you can simply afford them.You are welcomed for an ideal assessment of cost.

Cost Defining Factors:

Though, it’s a matter of fact that all men have different beards and unique hair problems. This way every individual is expected to pay differently. While surgeon’s experience whom you are concerning, also matters a lot. The experienced ones are prone to more charges compared to the inexpert ones.

Besides, consider the following factors as well to figure out how cost-defining factors can affect the actual charges of beard transplant.

  • Number of grafts
  • Beard Complexity
  • Clinic Infrastructure
  • Complications
  • Experience of Surgeon
  • Medical tests, anesthesia fees, etc.

Is Beard Hair Transplant Worth it?

Frankly speaking, waiting for a miracle to happen isn’t going to help you.If your hairless beard is becoming a reason for low self-confidence then get this transplant. It is super worth it for the cost you will pay. Good beard Hair transplant lasts for a lifetime. And indeed you no longer will be needing to hide yourself.

Regardless of unsafe hormonal injections for the lack of beard growth, this transplant isn’t going to harm you even a bit. Even though Beard Transplant cost in Dubai is extremely valuable. While you are expected to notice beard growth after three weeks. Though you can boost its progress with proper aftercare and PRP injections as well.

Note, we always prefer natural solutions for you. Hair Transplant is a natural growing process as well as PRP. You can get both of them to see immediate growth in the beard.

The Take-Away:

The craze of facial hair in men is never going. Indeed beard is a sign of maturity and confidence in men. But not every man is blessed with this appealing feature. Basically, the thickness of your Beard Hair is greatly dependent upon genetics. This is mostly inherited from your father. While the creams and medications you apply to the beard skin can lead to allergic reactions. So why not consider a one-time reliable solution to promote beard growth? Get Beard Transplant from us and live a confident life. -We performed thousands of successful Beard transplants devoid of any complication. You can trust us for your facial looks at the most reasonable rates.

Hence, for further queries regarding the Beard Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, contact our consultants.