Shape Your Identity With Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

In this day and age, individual prepping plays a huge part in forming one’s personality. For some men, full, very prepared facial hair is something other than a design explanation; it’s an image of manliness, certainty, and individual style. Nonetheless, few out of every odd man is honored with normally thick and thick facial hair. Luckily, headways in clinical science have made it workable for men to accomplish their ideal beard growth through facial hair relocation strategies. Shape Your Identity with Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai. It is a surgery to relocate hair from different pieces of the body to the facial locale. It makes the facial hair look more full and denser.

As a rule, men go through this treatment since they are the ones who have lopsided facial hair development, sketchy facial hair, and balding. This treatment is typically finished on the mustache, facial hair, and cheeks to increment hair thickness in the area where hair development is halted.

What is Beard Hair Transplant?

Facial hair relocation, otherwise called Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai is a surgery intended to improve the thickness and completion of beard growth, especially the facial hair and moustache region. The system includes collecting hair follicles from a giver region, regularly the rear of the scalp, and relocating them to the facial hair locale where hair development is meager or lacking. The strategy is a corrective system that incorporates relocating hair follicles. It involves moving your weight from one district of your body to your facial hair region. It is the best method for getting a full, thicker look. Be that as it may, for the best results from a hair relocation. Picking a talented and experienced surgeon is essential.

Types of Procedure:

The procedure includes the expulsion of hair from one region of the body. Afterward, relocate it to your facial structure or any place you believe your facial hair should develop. That gives off an impression of being a straightforward interaction, yet it isn’t. A specialist can adopt one of two strategies:


This technique includes separating whole follicular units from the benefactor’s hairs. FUE is likewise a less difficult technique. Which might make sense as to why it is the more famous procedure. In this system, the specialist stops a piece of tissue from the rear of the head.


In this methodology, a specialist eliminates hair follicles from a small portion of tissue. It will be gathered from the lower part of the head during this medical procedure. A follicular unit is a gathering of hair follicles. That likewise rises out of the skin at a similar area. The two medicines collect and embed hair follicle joins from the rear of the head.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Dissimilar to conventional hair transfers, which center around reestablishing hair on the scalp, facial hair transfers require a specific methodology because of the remarkable qualities of beard growth, for example, its coarse surface and interesting development design. Gifted specialists carefully embed the collected follicles to make a characteristic-looking facial hair growth that supplements the patient’s facial highlights and wanted style. The following are the steps of the Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • Sedation of the Target Area:

The expert will oversee nearby sedation on the giver’s side. It will assist with keeping the patient open during the treatment.

  • Contributor Hair Extraction:

The expert will utilize progressed procedures, like FUE, to remove hair follicles. They will gather the hair strands from the giver region.

  • Planning of the Beneficiary Side:

The expert will set up the beneficiary site after the sedation organization. They will make a little entry point in the objective region.

  • Hair Implantation:

The master will embed the new hair follicles at the right point. Furthermore the course to the beneficiary areas. They will likewise look like regular facial hair development.

Aftercare Guide:

The specialist will teach tutoring after the Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai. The post-employable consideration directions are as per the following:

  • You should adhere to the specialist’s directions.
  • Candidates should consistently ingest the necessary medications.
  • Possibilities should keep their stubbles dry for no less than 48 hours.
  • You should hold on until your facial hair is thick, even before shaving it.
  • Candidates should avoid taking part in adaptable ways of behaving.
  • You ought to keep from washing your scalp for three days.
  • You should get away for 36 to 48 hours.

What are the Benefits?

It offers men a groundbreaking answer for accomplishing the beard they want. With its various advantages and regular-looking outcomes, a facial hair growth relocation can upgrade certainty, express individual style, and engage men to embrace their actual selves with satisfaction. The following are the key benefits:

  • It can support confidence assisting men with feeling more appealing and confident.
  • Men have the opportunity to explore different avenues of different facial hair styles.
  • It permits them to communicate their distinctions and individual styles.
  • The procedure guarantees regular-looking outcomes.
  • It offers a long-lasting answer for slim or sketchy beard growth.
  • It permits patients to continue their everyday exercises not long after the procedure.


The Cost of a Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai is somewhat economical. It goes in cost from AED 3,000 to AED 7,000. This gauge might be raised since it is subject to various variables. Coming up next are the parts that control spending:

  • How many units are required?
  • The doctor’s information.
  • The center’s area.
  • The state of the treatment region.
  • Extra clinical costs.

Why Pick Us?

A facial hair growth hair reclamation is a troublesome technique. Since the skin on the face is milder than the skin on the scalp. Keeping up with face extent requires a deft touch. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai is home to talented specialists who are specialists in their space. We focus on topping off the uncovered spaces of the facial hair while holding a wonderful look. Fill out the form below and book a consultation.