Myths About Beard Hair Transplant

Beard is the hair that is present on the cheeks and chin. It is a common tradition in several nations. Most men keep beards to make themselves look more attractive and grown up. It mainly grows in men after adolescents. They style it in different shapes and colors. Some men face hair loss and baldness in the beard area too. Moreover, they also face a lack of hair growth in that specific area. As a result, they try different oils and chemicals to stimulate beard hair growth. They face a lack of confidence in the community and feel disgraceful about being men for not having a beard. A Beard transplant is the finest treatment to grow fuller and thicker hair. But Myths About Beard Hair Transplant make the individual feel reluctant to opt for this procedure.

What is Beard Hair Transplant?

The beard area is the area around the cheeks and chin. In males, there is an adequate growth of hair in such areas after the adolescent phase. They make their beard hair grow to look more mature and appealing.

It is a surgical procedure that uses the follicular unit extraction method for transplanting hair. In this procedure, the doctor extracts the hair follicles from any of the body areas and harvests them into the facial area. It helps to even the bumpy beard, inadequate growth, and loss of hair. Once the scars of transplanted follicles heal, they begin to grow the hair giving the beard a fuller and natural-looking appearance.

Beard Hair Transplant Procedure:

It is a safe and minimally intrusive procedure. The doctors perform this treatment in their clinic under their control. It only takes 2 to 4 hours to complete this treatment. Before starting the procedure, a consultation with the doctor is necessary to discuss the method and outcomes of the procedure. He also makes sure whether you are eligible for this treatment or not. 

  • During the consultation, the doctor will talk over the goals and expectations of the client from the procedure. He will also discuss the past medical history to rule out any contraindications.
  • The doctor first cleanses the beard area and pats them dry. Moreover, he also advises the patient to stop taking blood thinning medication before the procedure
  • Administers local anesthesia to the donor area for extraction of the follicles. The common area for follicles extraction is the back or sides of the scalp or chin area.
  • Extracts the hair follicles very carefully. He separates these strands individually and places them into a special solution to maintain their integrity.
  • Administers the local anesthesia to the recipient area. And makes incisions to decide on parameters for good hair graft implantation
  • Place each separated graft carefully in the recipient area to provide natural-looking results.


After the procedure completes, the transplanted follicles fall out after some time, and new hair growth initiates. Results are visible after three to four months of the procedure. Therefore, to make the results more potent and resistant the doctor suggests adopting aftercare measures.

  • Keep the area of the beard clean to remove bacteria and dirt. Because they can be a cause to initiate infections.
  • Wash both the donor and recipient areas daily with a gentle mild shampoo. Prefer using products that are free of chemicals.
  • Moisturize it to prevent dryness and itching.
  • Do not use products that contain alcohol as they may aggravate dryness.
  • Eschew exposure to the sun for at least one week.
  • Refrain from touching your area needlessly.
  • Give strenuous exercises a miss as they may lead to infections and swelling.
  • Circumvent smoking to keep the healing process fine.
  • Follow up with your doctor to examine the progression of the treatment.

Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant:

The major population of men is not fond of the look without a beard. Out of these, some people do not have adequate growth of beard which make their self-esteem low in social settings. Beard hair transplants work on the same technique as follicular unit extraction and provide innumerable advantages

  • Provide natural-looking outcomes.
  • Safe and effective hair restoration procedure.
  • Fills in the bald patches.
  • Restores the growth in the infrequent growth areas.
  • Gives a permanent solution for beard hair loss.
  • Enhance the self-confidence of the individual.
  • Requires minimal healing time because it is not so invasive.
  • Provide the individual with a thicker and fuller beard.


Since this procedure is extending toward the zenith of success very quickly. There are also several myths about the procedure that do not let the individual opt for it. Following are some myths about this treatment that are completely false.

  • It is a painful procedure.
  • Results do not last long.
  • Needs protracted attention after the procedure.
  • Individuals should not get this treatment during the summer season.

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