Mole Removal Scar Healing And Treatments

In a lot of the cultures and customs moles are considered as a beauty spot. Women were considered as attractive and seductive if they had a mole just below their lower lip.  Nevertheless, when moles are huge and are present on angles of the mouth or the nose they are a major turn down. Nowadays moles are considered a trait of imperfection and so people are looking for ways to remove them. If you are a resident of Dubai then here’s good news for you. There are a couple of clinics which carry out Mole Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that has helped its clearance without even leaving any scars behind. Let us learn about mole removal and how its healing phase takes place.

What is a Mole?

A mole which is also known as a nevi in medical terminology is a small bump or a lesion which is present on the skin. 

It is composed of multiple pigmented cells that are known as melanocytes. These melanocytes are formed by the production of melanin, the Darkening pigment.

Moles normally appear as brownish and in some cases can be quite darker however some can be similar to the skin color of the affected candidate. The clinical manifestation of moles appears to be quite rough and in some cases it can be either very flat or very raised. You will be surprised to know that at times hair growth is also noticeable from the site of the moles.

Moles can either appear at birth or can be acquired over a period of years slowly and gradually. They are painless but it is important to acknowledge whether the lesion of the mole is suggestive of any tumor or not.  Unfortunately, moles do not have any specific cause and they can occur on the skin without any reason. The size or growth may be altered due to some hormones, the levels of vitals and is also dependent upon aging.

How Does a Mole Scar Appear? 

The appearance of a mole scar is totally dependent upon the original site, orientation and location of the mole. 

  • The larger the mole, the larger is the size of the scar. The important thing here to acknowledge is that most scars.
  • Appear after the removal of the mole. 
  • This is very common in surgical practices. 
  • An ideal healing occurs from the very next instant after any laceration or wound.

Once the mole is removed your skin starts to produce new collagen so that the treated area can start to heal and new skin starts to form on its surface. Over a period of time this collagen thickens and new tissue starts to appear which takes around two to four weeks on the whole. 

The Healing Phases of a Mole:

If you want to learn about the treatments with regards to mole removal in routine practices it is very important that you first discover how the healing phases of a mole is processed: 

Stage 1:

This is the first and the foremost stage that starts to appear from the next 24 hours after the procedure of mole removal has taken place. It is called the inflammatory stage and its duration is about five days to one week on a lighter note. 

Stage 2:

Once  the inflammatory phase is about to end, the proliferation stage starts to begin and it lasts for about one whole week. 

During this stage new cells are able to transform themselves into new tissues.

Stage 3:

This stage is considered as a maturation phase because the new tissues are continuously maturing themselves and are turning into a well refined and new skin. This stage continues for as long as the whole year after the treatment has been performed.

The Treatment Modalities:

Let’s have a look on the treatment modalities of Mole Removal in Dubai:


A mole that is small, raised and bumpy can be removed by normal excision or shaving. It is not as harmful as it sounds however it has the tendency to leave major scars behind.

Surgical Intervention:

When a mole is quite a larger in size and its circumference is greater than 8 millimeter then a surgical removal becomes mandatory. 

This is done in order to remove the fat and extra skin which is attached to the mole down below. Once the mold is removed the surgeon will re approximate the skin with minor and fine threads. 


If the mole is very small in size and is not bound with any thick skin underneath then certain corticosteroids can also be helpful in its removal. And there are some mole pads available that are allowed to stick onto the mole and within a few days time the mole comes off along with the strip. 

It is considered as a very safe and least invasive treatment however in some cases it might not be very successful for everyone.


Cryotherapy is one of the conventional methods for Mole Removal in Dubai. It involves removal of the mole by freezing it this will help it to shrink in size completely and eventually fall off.  The scar generated after cryotherapy is quite a deep and pigmented one therefore its use is now less prevalent.  

Laser Treatments:

Moving on to the most successful and reliable mole removal treatment.  Laser therapies are considered as the leading Mole Removal treatments in Dubai because they do not leave back any scars and remove moles from the core.

How is a Mole Removal treatment Performed?

The treatment procedure totally depends upon the size of the mold and the various techniques served by the surgeons. 

There is one thing which is common in all the mole reduction treatments is the application of anesthetic agents. 

This seizes the pain channels and blocks them up completely so that the patient does not feel any pain and the entire site feels numb. The procedure is then preceded by the choice of the treatment done 

The Aftercare Instruction following a Mole treatment? 

  • Take good care of the wound that is left over after the removal of the mold irrespective of the treatment you have chosen.
  • You apply the prescribed lotions creams gels and medications regularly without skipping any day.
  • Do not use any alcohol swabs or self medication over the treatment site because it can only worsen the condition.
  • Massage the treatment site after a week thoroughly so that the healing is improved and the blood circulation also enhances in the overall direction.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun because treatments like laser are often evident of showing adverse responses when exposed to sun rays.
  • Do not wear clothing that can be allergic or any fabric that can irritate the skin. 
  • Use of vitamin E oil over the treatment site so that it can also improve healing, induces the production of collagen and speeds up cellular turnover. 

The bottom line!

Considering laser therapies as the most beneficial, efficient and successfully running Mole Removal treatments in Dubai the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers it at a very affordable price. You will be surprised to know that laser is not just bound to more than words but also helps in hair removal and leaving the skin soft, smooth and supple.