balding surgery cost in dubai

There were times when bald heads were considered a fashion and are still trending. However if you have bald patches which are referred to as alopecia then know that it is not a style or fashion but rather  discouraging from an aesthetic aspect.

It is very legit that baldness can demotivate you and hinder you from mingling with others but there are treatments like hair surgery in Dubai that promise to restore your long lost hair and give you the look you always craved for! 

What Are The Possible Causes That Lead To Baldness? 

Cancer and Tumors:

You might have a regular hair fall that is about 100 hair falls in a day but when you lose hair excessively in bulk then it is very likely that the cause can be because of any underlying systemic disease such as cancer or tumors.

Chemotherapy and Medication:

Require radiation therapy for their treatment. The radiation rays emitted are so powerful that they directly target the hair follicle leading to excessive hair fall at alopecia. People who survive cancer treatments often undergo hair surgery in Dubai to regain their hair back. 

Nutritional Deficiencies:

For people who have extreme deficiency of vitamin e often and up with the problems of hair skin and nails.

Postpartum and Lactation:

Recurrent pregnancies and deliveries often end up in massive hair fall. Lactation worsens this condition even more because of that sudden change in the hormonal surge. 

Trauma to the Hair Follicle:

People who had any history of trauma on the scalp often have reported to show patches of baldness on the respective area. This will permanently stop the follicle from producing the hair and will end up in alopecic patches.

What Are The Treatment Options For Baldness? 

Before we lead you towards the surgical hair fall treatment options have a look over the non invasive treatments for controlling hair fall. 

Multivitamin Supplements:

Nutritional deficiencies in your body can be restored by taking supplements. Vitamin E rich multivitamin tablets are highly essential for hair growth and when they are used in combination with primerose then the condition of the hair also improves your considerable level. 

Essential Hair Oils:

Using castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil at least twice a week can help to improve your hair to regrow. 

Minoxidil Sprays:

Minoxidil spray is a therapeutic agent that is directly applied on to the hair and it is proven to regrow the hair. However, its effects are not equivalent to any dermatological treatment like PRP in Dubai. 

Hair Transplants:

The best and the foremost treatment for resolving baldness issues are hair transplants. The PRP hair treatment in Dubai is one of the most demanding treatments because it has proven to treat baldness nearly to 100%.  

What Is a PRP Treatment? 

PRP treatment is nothing but just a platelet rich plasma that is retrieved from the patient’s body. The blood is drawn and centrifuged. The plasma gets separated from the blood and it is expected to be highly rich in plasma. It is then injected into the candidate’s scalp. 


Within a few weeks you will notice new hair has started to grow from the follicles and they will be highly dense and volumized. 

What Is The Cost of Hair Treatments? 

The cost of hair transplant in dubai is 6999 AED for one session. 

PRP hair treatment for one session is 700 AED.

1750 AED for 3 sessions.

1980 AED for 4 sessions .

Final Verdict!

Instead of wasting your time and bucks on other treatments it’s better to get your hands on the hair surgery in Dubai. It is cost effective and promises results in a very short span of time.

A new and enhanced look is waiting for you.