The privacy policy has been created with fundamental respect to educate the users about all the privacy practices of the clinic. Every organization has to protect the privacy of its users. The website has been used developed by using advanced security features to make sure no one takes the content. Dynamic Clinic Dubai protects the privacy of users as their top priority. We might require your medical record or your personal information when you come for an initial visit.

Data Collection:

Although we are trying to deliver credible information to the users yet you should not rely on its content. The website might save cookies in the web browser to personalize the website. Cookies are safe and do not cause any harm. If the browser does not allow the website to save cookies then some features may not be available for you. Cookies store IP and other data when a user or a subscriber visits the site.

The data is then processed further in order to provide valuable services to the users. Here we will discuss the type of information that we collect and how it will be processed to provide the required services.


When you sign up for our services you are asked to provide some personal details (email, number, etc.) We use this information for internal purposes such as to give the users a personalized experience of the website and sometimes to get in touch with users. In some cases, we may also ask your demographic information to improve the quality of our services. Sometimes your credit card information is collected to subscribe to the paid services. This information is only used for billing purposes otherwise the information is not shared with any kind of Cosmetic, Laser Procedure and Hair Transplant.

Email Newsletter:

Similarly, if you want to subscribe to our email newsletter, your name, email and demographic information will be required. We will make sure that your information is not being shared with any third party. Also, you are allowed to unsubscribe from our newsletter any day at any time.

Interactive Features:

We have several interactive features at our website such as webcasts and discussion boards. The data that you will provide in these forums is public by default. So keep this in mind we will not be responsible if any harm happens to you due to this.


Usually, surveys are conducted by the third party. We may ask you to take part in these surveys or contests. So it will be completely your choice whether to disclose the information or not.


Subscribers might use a referral feature to inform their relatives and friends about the services. You will be asked to provide some information about your friend such as his name, email, etc. That information might be shared with a third party (sponsors of a contest).


We have features where individual end-users can submit their feedback and responses. We may forward that information to our agents to serve the customer better. Keep this in mind that reviews and feedback are made public.

Updating the Data:

If you want to change or correct the information that you have provided you can contact us directly.


You can choose whether you want to see offers/updates or not. You can unsubscribe them anytime.


We have implemented SSL on our website to keep the data secured. We ensure that your information is safe with us.

Third-Party websites:

At our site, we have some links to other sites in order to give more information about the specific topic. It shall not be considered an endorsement. We would not be responsible if something bad happens to you through those websites.