How can I Stop Hair Loss in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Believe it or not but as global warming is progressing, the problems with hair loss are also arising. Dubai being close to the equator has always faced severe climates both in summers as well as winters. The thing that gets badly affected is the hair eventually leading to her loss. Your worries end here because we now bring forth some of the latest and highly effective Hair Loss Treatments in Dubai

Why is Hair Loss so Common in Dubai? 

Before moving forward with the treatment, let us first explore why hair loss has become so common in Dubai, especially in 2024. 

Insufficient Nutrition:

 A healthy diet and proper nutrition play a vital role in the management of your hair loss. The presence of proteins in your diet triggers collagen and stimulates your hair follicles. 

A diet low in protein can eventually lead to hair thinning and weak follicles as a result causing severe hair fall.

Underlying Diseases:

If you are battling severe chronic diseases like anemia, diabetes or even cancer know that your hair will be very prone to falling off. In such a condition our experts recommend seeking assistance from your physician. After the treatment of your existing disease, any Hair Loss Therapy in Dubai you take will likely work efficiently.

Genetic Predisposition:

If your genes contain the code of hair loss then you have no luck. However, by seeking proper treatments after consideration from hair specialists you can overcome the challenges of genetic hair fall as well. 

Top Hair Fall Treatments Offered by Dynamic Clinic:

Nutritional Supplements:

 When it comes to hair loss regimens, our specialists believe that the first line of defense will be the supplements. The nutritional supplements will manage to cope up with the deficiencies in the body’s rising hair fall. These normally include vitamin E-rich capsules or tablets.

Extraction and Placement of Follicular Units:

For years until date, we have been carrying out follicular extraction and placement procedures.  This is called FUT and FUE.  This procedure is highly effective as it involves the use of a single-unit follicle segregation. Once this unit is retrieved, it is then placed into the scalp for regrowth.

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections:

Hair chemicals and various other invasive techniques are very harmful to the scalp. You never know what chaos they can create even in this body’s system as well. 

We now launched a new, innovative yet highly effective treatment for hair regrowth and enhancement called the PRP

This aesthetic treatment involves the use of platelet-rich plasma which is taken from the candidate’s blood.  The plasma riched in platelets is then plunged into the various parts of the scalp. This in turn improves the blood flow and provides nourishment to the hair follicles. As a result, it leads to hair growth and also hair thickening. 

It improves hair density if you have bald patches areas in your hair similar to alopecia areata then this is the best treatment of choice for you. 

Topical Agents:

 The easiest approach for Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is minoxidil sprays. These are specifically designed for those who have mild to moderate levels of fall. It does not very successfully work for alopecia or bald patches. However, if you have some spaces in your scalp that are not filled with hair then this topical spray of minoxidil can be of great help.

Which is the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai?

  • After proper research, patient feedback, and expert advice, we infer that PRP is the best suggestive hair treatment and is ongoing so far. This is because of its organic nature and minimally invasive technique systems involved.
  • Moreover, the treatment does not bind candidates with extensive hospital stays and delayed recovery phases.
  • The results of PRP are visible from the very first session and its success rate is quite high this year as compared to the previous one. 
  • In addition, PRP is not just a vital element for hair growth, but it has also made its achievement in the area of facial aesthetics. Candidates who have acne scars, dull skin complexion, or hyperpigmentation can benefit from PRP injections.

 The Final Verdict!

 If you are also sick and tired of seeing your hair locks falling every day then our Dynamic Clinic is the only solution for you. Get your appointments booked for your Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai today to experience a beautiful appearance tomorrow. We provide primary care and comprehensive treatments in all areas of aesthetics and general medicine. We aim to keep our patients delighted by providing treatments with excellence and care.