100% Financing With 0% Interest

People are dealing with their body flaws to get the look they want. The biggest barrier that they confront while getting cosmetic surgeries is “money” because these surgeries are quite expensive due to which they start reconsidering their decision.

Financing Plan:

Do 100% loans exist in 2020? Dynamic clinic is here with amazing offer for its valued patients. Put your money related stress aside because we will take care of this thing. You’ll be surprised by knowing that you can get any cosmetic surgery with little or no money out of your own pocket. We are offering smart payment method to our customers to overcome the money issue. The financing plan has made this possible to get the surgery just by swiping the credit card. Once the card is swiped it is just a matter of 2-4 hours to turn your dream in reality. Best thing about this plan is that you can pay back the money in easy monthly installments. No pre-payment penalties will be imposed on you.


To get an agreeable loan for the cosmetic surgery, you have to be a credit card holder from Emirates national bank of Dubai. Emirates NBD is one of the largest banking groups in UAE regarding assets. You just need to consult the bank to consent on the plan. After getting the surgery you have to return the money on a monthly basis of 3, 6, 9 or 12-month plan with 0% interest on the credit card. Customers will be informed about all the new bank policies and plans.


  1. All purchases of AED 10,000 and above will be eligible for 0% EXP
  2. The tenure for 0% EXP bookings would be for 6 months only

You can consider the financing plan only if the surgical costs are over 10,000 AED

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