Are you a smoker with excessive stains on your teeth? Do you want a treatment that can instantly whiten up your teeth without having the need to take invasive treatments? Then here is something we have come up with for you.  Our clinic now has the best treatments for teeth whitening in Dubai.  The treatments are very effective and have been proven to show the results within just a few visits. Here is all about the teeth whitening treatments you should know before choosing them especially if you are one of the Chain-smokers and are sick and tired of the stains that have built up on your teeth.  

Why Does Smoking Cause Teeth Discoloration?

You must be aware of the fact that smoking has extremely ill effects on your lungs and the entire body. It causes breathing issues later in the future but apart from that it’s major threat is on the color of the teeth. The presence of nicotine and tobacco in cigarettes is extremely hazardous. The surface of the teeth absorb the stains present in the cigarettes and so as a consequence their teeth start to appear brownish and pitted. 

What Are The Treatment Options For Teeth Whitening? 

Generally there are many teeth whitening treatments for smokers but the kind of treatment depends on the extent, intensity and severity of the discoloration.  Some of the common teeth whitening in UAE involves

Natural Home Remedies:

According to some old wives tales it is believed that rubbing banana peels on your teeth can be beneficial to wipe off the brown spots from the teeth.  Secondly the baking soda and lemon hack is also one of the tried and tested remedies. Little do you know  that these treatments are only effective when they are done with consistency and the results will take ages to appear.

Scaling and Polishing:

One of the major myths people believe on is that scaling and polishing can loosen up their teeth. According to dentists it is clearly stated that your teeth also require the similar kind of cleaning just like your face.   You spend hours and hours in salons for facials,  just like that spare 15 minutes for a routine scaling and polishing. It can also clear up the discoloration and staining. However scaling and polishing does not completely whiten the teeth. It only clears off the extrinsic stains and removes from inner surface.  

Teeth Whitening Treatments in Dubai:

There are two types of teeth whitening treatments in Dubai:

  • In Office Teeth Whitening.
  • Home Teeth Whitening Kits.

In Office Teeth Whitening:

This is one of the most effective teeth whitening in Dubai. It is a process through which a Specialist will write up your date using some of the specialized techniques and tools you can follow in order to know about the entire procedure.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits:

It consists of some teeth whitening strips that are placed all over the surface of the teeth and slowly and gradually it lightens up the discoloration of the teeth. 

Which Is The Best Method For Teeth Whitening For Smokers?

As per the dentist the best teeth whitening treatment for smokers is office bleaching. The reason why it is censored as the best is because it not only clears the discoloration and staining from the outer surface of the teeth but also those that are deeply embedded within the inner layer of the teeth.

How Is The Procedure Of Teeth Whitening For Smokers Done?

The procedure is a very complex one and only a skillful professional will be able to do it. Note that the effectiveness of the treatment depends upon the patient’s compliance and the number of visits required.

The dentist will apply 10% hydrogen peroxide to the teeth ensuring  every surface including the corners. It will be left over for a few minutes before rinsing and once it is rinsed off the teeth are checked for the response. 

What Is The Cost Of Teeth Whitening Treatment? 

The Teeth whitening Cost in Dubai starts from 999 AED when  done in the clinic.  This is the same for the teeth whitening home kits however, the zoom laser teeth whitening treatment costs about 1999 AED. 


It is very important to follow the aftercares after taking the teeth whitening treatment for smokers. It is advised not to smoke for at least two to three days. If you want your teeth whitening Dubai to be effective then try to  avoid anything especially smoking that can disrupt your treatment.