Teeth whitening with Dental Braces

Dental braces are one of the best tools and methods to straighten your teeth. It raises crowding on initial stages which is one of the most common reasons of staining and plaque accumulation. A lot of the candidates often complain of discoloration and staining after having their dental braces because braces hinder proper cleansing of the teeth. We now have Teeth Whitening in Dubai that can be done even on candidates with their dental braces on. The Treatment is widely distributed and is done by many candidates with braces just because of its successful outcomes. 

Why do Teeth become Discolored after Dental Braces?

The Dentists in our clinic have stated that the status and the rise of staining and discoloration on teeth braces is because of the lack of oral hygiene maintenance. This is not only accustomed to the candidate but also because of the teeth anatomy. Stains surface because of the italic brackets and the other associated orthodontics appliances such as wires, rubber rings etc.

Your regular oral brush cannot reach all of the areas. Especially, when you have your dental braces on. This as a result leads to a lot of staining and discoloration onto your teeth surfaces. The best thing you can do is to hit Teeth Whitening in Dubai that will instantly whiten up your teeth and will help in oral hygiene maintenance. 

How Teeth Whitening in Dubai with Dental Braces on Works?

The following are some of the prime methods and techniques that are recommended by some of the highly skillful dental surgeons in our clinic. 

Regular Scaling and Polishing: 

When you have your braces on it is very important that you visit your dentist for the regular scaling and polishing. This is because the plaque and calculus that gets accumulated into the surfaces around your brackets cannot be removed by yourself but only by the ultrasonic scaler device.

Whitening Toothpastes, Mouthwashes and Gels:

There are many whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes available over-the-counter that will be recommended for use during your orthodontic treatment.  note that such toothpastes and mouthwashes should only be purchased after the prescription by the dentist; not all mouthwashes and two cases are suitable for every candidate. 

Office Bleaching:

Dentists recommend that the best method for Teeth Whitening in Dubai especially for orthodontic patients is office bleaching. It is done by hydrogen peroxide within the legal limits First off it is the authentic and most successful method. 

At Home Whitening Methods:

There are some at home whitening kits available. You can use them for another improvement of discoloration. Dentists now normally don’t recommend teeth whitening. This is because patients normally are not very skillful in using those kits. It can also consist of some harmful chemicals therefore only office beaching is highly recommended. 

 Teeth Whitening Strips: 

Delete department stores were once very successful in clearing up the stains and marks that are deposited after the presence of orthodontic brackets. They are now not in use and obsolete. This is because of their over pricing and not every candidate is specialized enough with the skills to do it at home.  

Whitening Trays:

Whitening trays are custom trays that are made according to the dental arches, anatomy and dimensions of the candidate. It is more like a custom tray consisting of whitening paste that is to be worn and removed off after a certain time.

Electronic Toothbrushes:

Unlike the regular brushes electronic toothbrushes are very beneficial for the maintenance of oral hygiene and proper cleanliness of your teeth especially if you have your braces on. The lesser the plaque accumulation with the lesser is the susceptibility to staining and discoloration. 

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene with Braces? 

The best way to maintain oral hygiene with Dental Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is to follow the instructions and methods recommended by a dentist. A lot of the dental accessories for the maintenance of oral hygiene during braces are available in our clinic. You can avail them at discounted prices.

Why Choose our Clinic?

Undoubtedly, our clinic caters to thousands of patients regularly in the dental department. This is because of the successful outcomes and the results.  Moreover, it is also because of the skillful and top notch dentists available who have sound knowledge and commendable skill set for every dental treatment offered.

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