Top 5 Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Do you know that dental emergencies are more panicking and of major significance as compared to the other medical emergencies? Sometimes dental emergencies often end up into severe systemic problems you never knew could ever exist. It is important to know the reasons for all conditions to seek dental emergency care. Our clinic is considered as the best dental clinic in Dubai because we have a team of specialists that are available 24 hours to welcome you with any problem you come up with. 

Top 5 Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care:

Here are some reasons lined up for you so that you can address when to seek emergency Dental Care. 

Severe Stabbing Pain:

If you have been experiencing mild to moderate pain over a few days which is bearable then it is not of much significance. However if you are experiencing severe stabbing pain that is making you restless and uncomfortable then know that it is high time that you should report to the dentist in an emergency. This mostly happens while you are sleeping during the night. 

Massive Swelling:

Sometimes infectious teeth often cause the accumulation of exudate within the tooth or its surrounding gums. This slowly and gradually extends into the facial muscles causing severe massive swelling. In some cases the swelling becomes harder. If you also notice such swelling and if it is hot to touch then it is better that you visit emergency Dental Care no matter whatever time it is of the day. As we are one of the best dental clinics in Dubai we can cater you in an emergency at any time. 

Pus Discharge:

Having a pus discharge is a Red flag. It means that your oral cavity is signaling you to seek emergency Dental Care without wasting a minute. 


It is one of the most common reasons why people often see a dentist during the night.  Bleeding from the oral cavity can be dangerous as it can lead to shock. You can grade your bleeding  in such a way that mild to moderate bleeding that can be wiped off is not of much importance. However, if the bleeding is excessive and causes you to soak around 10 to 20 tissues then it is important that you have to go to the nearby emergency Dental Care. 

Post Surgical Complications:

If you recently had an oral surgery like extraction then there can be some complications. The stitches can be opened up or you may experience a severe pain then it is important that it needs medical attention and it is not to be left untreated. 

Why Is It Important To Seek Emergency Dental Care? 

Your oral cavity is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It is where your food enters from and your body gets its nourishment. Following are the reasons that well explain why seeking in emergency Dental Care is important for you. 

  • For instant pain relief.
  •  to control bleeding that can result in shock.
  • To release swellings.
  • To prevent any infection from spreading into the adjacent teeth.
  • Reporting lesions or patches that are in different  and usual is very important as they can be suggestive of cancers. 

What Is The Cost of Dental Clinics in Dubai

In our Dynamic clinic a single general dentist consultation costs about 200 AED. The Cost of Dental treatments varies as it depends upon the patient condition or severity of the treatment. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We are available round the clock.
  • Well saturated with a team of top notch dentist as well as paramedical staff.
  • Environmentally neat, clean and tidy.
  • All are treatment prices are reasonable and will not cost you a kidney.

Final Verdict!

If you ever experience emergency complications related to dental issues, never ever try to ignore them. You can report to us during any time of the day and we will get to you immediately. This service of ours makes us one of the Best Dental Clinics in Dubai.