How Much Hand Rejuvenation Cost in Dubai

Like facial skin, the skin on the back of the hands also becomes thin after 40s. The hands no longer look young and beautiful. But with innovations in the aesthetic world, it is possible to improve the appearance of wrinkly hands and make them look attractive. Many non-invasive treatments have been designed to help people get clear, plump, and elastic skin on the hands. These types of cosmetic procedures can restore the volume on the hands and even out the skin tone. You can also get this treatment to reduce varicose and spider veins. The effects are instant and long-lasting as most of them work by stimulating collagen production in the deep backbone of the skin.

Hand Rejuvenation Cost:

The demand for hand rejuvenation treatment continues to grow rapidly as today, almost every individual wants everything to be perfect about themselves and it is an ideal and affordable solution for those who want to enhance the tone and quality of skin from within. Best hand rejuvenation treatments include fillers, Dermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL, dermapen, mesotherapy, and laser skin resurfacing. The cost of each treatment option is different. To know more about them, continue reading this blog.

Cost factors:

While the treatment can provide you with smooth and clear skin of the hands, but you have to spend several dirhams to obtain the desired outcome. Common cost factors of hand rejuvenation treatment in Dubai are,

Method Used:

The first and most important thing that is going to affect the overall cost of the treatment is the method which the doctor will use to rejuvenate the skin e.g. the cost for mesotherapy will be different than chemical peels.

Severity of Condition:

Another important thing by which the cost of treatment fluctuates is the condition severity. It is expected that prices are higher when the condition is negligibly managed and controlled. The exact cost of the treatment will be told to you during the initial consultation session.

Experience of the Practitioner:

Practitioner’s skills and experience play a major role in calculating the overall cost of the treatment. Generally, board-certified and experienced doctors charge more for the services than the practitioners who are new in practice.

Number of Sessions:

Depending upon condition severity, the required number of sessions also changes. An initial consultation with a doctor is required to get a better idea of the cost of your treatment.

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