Best Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Price

Are you having problems with your discolored teeth? Do you think you are losing the spark in your smile day by day? A zoom Whitening treatment instantly whitens your teeth along with making them shiny. The treatment takes about 45 minutes on the whole. The reason why the treatment is so hyped is because of the zoom device that works like wonders in adding whiteness to the teeth. Our clinic offers the best zoom teeth whitening treatment in Dubai and this is why we are so approachable. 

What Is A Zoom Whitening Treatment? 

Zoom whitening treatment involves the whitening of the teeth by the application of 25% hydrogen peroxide. The whitening paste is then activated using a laser whitening device. 

Device is expected to break down the hydrogen of the hydrogen peroxide and once the hydrogen is broken down it enters into the enamel and dentine of the teeth instantly whitening them up. 

What Are The Major Causes of Tooth Discoloration? 

Beverages and Drinks

If you are habitual of drinking tea and coffee then know that the stains will abruptly discolor your teeth making them brownish. 


The tobacco present in cigarettes is one of the major causes of discoloration. If you don’t pay attention to the stains they slowly and gradually become permanent and cannot go off scaling and polishing also. 

Trauma To The Tooth

If you ever had a history of fall or blow on to the teeth then the discoloration is sure to exist. It is  likely because of the internal bleeding within the tooth. In this case the tooth might not look brownish or yellow but rather grayish black.

What Are The Treatment Options For Teeth Whitening?

As far as aesthetic dentistry is concerned there are multiple teeth whitening treatments. However, the ones that are very effective and have the least possible side effects are enlisted below:

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin plastic like layers that are shiny white and bright. They are applied on to the surfaces of the teeth to fill up the spaces or any cracked tooth. They are also responsible for adding an extra whiteness and shine to the discolored and brittle teeth. 

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and polishing is done for plaque clearance and whiten the teeth to a very minimum level however in the use of hydrogen peroxide during the treatment can be effective but only to half of the actual  desired whiteness. 

Office Bleaching

This is the procedure of whitening the teeth by the process of application of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth and then wiping it off after 15 minutes. The end results are very good and have shown considerable effects. 

Zoom Teeth Whitening

This is a new and profound treatment that uses zoom laser lightning for the penetration of the chemical agents into the tooth surface for the provision of extra whiteness. 

What Is The Procedure of Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

  1. The dentist will first analyse and map the areas that require special whitening. He or she will educate you about the entire treatment.
  2. The teeth surfaces are cleaned and any plaque is removed that can hinder the treatment. 
  3. A hydrogen peroxide base is applied thoroughly on each surface of the teeth. 
  4. The zoom special LED light is then activated and emitted on all the surface of the teeth, ensuring no area is left unexposed. 
  5. The similar procedure is done twice or thrice for effectiveness of the treatment. 
  6. Once the final emission of LED zoom lightning is done the enamel protecting gel is then applied on to the surfaces of the teeth this completes the treatment.

How Many Sessions Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment Require?

A single whitening session is enough for the teeth to be whitened as well as look shining bright. However if the desired whitening is not achieved according to the patient then the dentist will recommend another session, Not immediately but after a few months.

How Much Does A Zoom Whitening Treatment Cost In Dubai?

If you want to know the zoom whitening treatment cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi then it is better to first book an appointment with a consultant and then the consultant will tell you the actual cost based on the number of sessions required and the severity and staining of your teeth. 

The Final Verdict!

Among all the teeth whitening treatments the zoom teeth whitening treatment in Dubai is the most running and successfully on going treatment. Its effectiveness and benefits outnumber all other dental whitening treatments.