PRP Hair Restoration in Dubai

One of the frequently used treatment methods in medicine is PRP which is essential in dealing with several health conditions. Throughout time, it is seen that PRP offers a handful of benefits in the restoration of hair. It is also very well-known for enhancing the growth and quality of hair. This medical procedure does not make use of any foreign substances at all. Many people suffering from different health issues opt for PRP and get their desired and expected outcomes. It is important to consult your healthcare provider to get their advice on whether you should go for PRP or not. PRP in Dubai is also a trendy medical procedure and is being frequently applied to manage different conditions.

Understanding PRP: A Comprehensive Guide:

Platelet-rich plasma also called PRP is a medical treatment that physicians use to manage different health issues. Mostly, the PRP procedure is useful for the restoration and regrowth of hair in the human body. The procedure of PRP is quite simple and natural. It takes a small amount of blood from the same person who is receiving the treatment. After taking the blood out, the medical professionals performing the procedure separate the platelets from the blood and then simply deliver it into the affected area of the patient’s body with the help of injections. Now, you must be thinking why are we taking the platelets out? The answer to your question is very simple.

Different growth factors come together and make platelets in our blood. These growth factors help a lot in repairing the weakened tissues in our body. When PRP is used to restore hair, positive and effective outcomes have been observed by different physicians, and exceptional growth of hair is also seen. PRP is a much better option for people who are looking to receive a hair treatment, as this procedure is minimally invasive and also shows quick and effective results.

Common Indications for PRP:

Following is a brief description of a few challenges or health conditions that are commonly managed by PRP:

Dermatology: A lot of times, PRP therapy is also applied as a Cosmetic Procedure. The texture and the appearance of your skin can be easily boosted with the use of PRP.

Orthopedics: In different medical practices, PRP is also used in the domain of orthopedics and has shown such effectiveness in treating multiple bone-related issues such as osteoarthritis, injury to the ligament, or tendon, etc.

Restoration of Hair: One of the most common conditions that PRP is used for is the restoration of hair. PRP improves the growth rate of hair follicles in your body.

Dental Surgery:  Some dental professionals also use PRP to stimulate fast healing and recovery from any dental procedure.

PRP provides multiple benefits for several different conditions, but it is still important that you receive this treatment only after your primary care provider recommends it.

Is PRP an Organic Procedure?

The whole procedure of PRP is organic. This procedure involves the usage of natural and organic compounds that are drawn out from the person’s blood and then delivered back into a different location of the same person’s body. All in all, PRP does not take the help of any unnatural substances. 

PRP in Dubai: Effective Hair Restoration:

The procedure of PRP is also applied very commonly in Dubai and many medical professionals prefer it as a treatment for restoring hair growth and strength. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides exceptional services of PRP in Dubai to facilitate you with the best and most effective outcomes. We have generally described the PRP procedure and its results.


  • The official and initial step of PRP treatment is consulting a healthcare professional to examine the condition of your hair and your general health status in detail to decide the suitability of PRP for you. Once your physician suggests that PRP is a good option for you, then you can move on to other steps.
  • The step that comes after consultation and recommendation, is the withdrawal of your blood. Some quantity of blood will be taken out of your body. The most commonly used area for withdrawing blood is the arm.
  • Once the desired amount of blood is withdrawn, it will be processed to separate or extract the platelet-rich plasma from it.
  • Now, the medical professional who is performing the procedure will swiftly inject the substance into your affected area where there is less hair growth such as your scalp, etc.
  • The basic procedure ends successfully at the injecting step. After that, you will have to deal with the recovery phase which is mostly rather quick. You can easily get back to your everyday chores after a short period of rest.


While using PRP for restoring the hair, many effective outcomes have been observed such as regenerating lost hair and enhancing the hair quality in general while growing thick and strong hair as well. After getting the ‘PRP treatment, your hair will become stronger and more appealing.

Final Verdict:

In case you’re looking around to receive PRP Hair Restoration in Dubai, The Dynamic Clinic is here at your service. We offer multiple facilities for people facing different issues with their health. Our team of Hair Experts is here to thoroughly examine the patient’s general health and give you different suggestions. You can visit our website and book a free consultation right now. Don’t be late to start your journey of healthy hair growth.