The Journey to Fuller Hair: Best PRP Treatment in Dubai

Hair loss has become a common issue that is affecting both males and females in this day and age. This issue alone is causing psychological impacts in individuals which further leads to emotional distress. Therefore, it continues to affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. For those wanting to have fuller hair, fret not as you have come to the right platform. We are offering an exciting treatment that will provide you with everlasting solutions to your problems. Discover how PRP Hair in Dubai is a promising option for those individuals experiencing significant amounts of hair fall.

This popular treatment will help restore a fuller head of hair. It is a minimally invasive procedure that will give you the results you desire making it a perfect option for those seeking a safe option to enhance their hairline. Visit us today to be further guide on The Journey to Fuller Hair: Best PRP Treatment in Dubai.

What is a Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

This non-surgical approach serves as a promising treatment for those with hair loss problems. The goal is to stimulate hair growth by utilizing the body’s natural healing potential, creating a thicker appearance in areas where there is a significant amount of hair loss. The reason behind using the individual’s blood is that there is no chance of the body rejecting any changes. Instead, it leads to an improve mechanism of collagen cell reproduction activating the growth of new follicles in a short period. 

How Does it Perform Restoration?

The promising signs of this treatment include an overall improvement in the hair quality and density of the individual’s head, making the strands stronger and healthier from roots to tips. As well as activating boost blood circulation to activate new follicles to grow thick and firmly. The improvements are visible in a matter of months after having started the treatment. Consequently, the individual will notice an increase in one’s hair density and volume over time. 

What Happens During the Session?

Read the steps given below to learn about the process in detail:

  • The first and foremost step is consultation during which your scalp is examine to learn about the type of Hair Loss you are experiencing. You will have to discuss your medical history and the concerns you have about your current condition.
  • The procedure begins with a blood draw. In this step, a small amount of blood will taken from your arm.
  • The blood is then placed in a centrifuge in which different components of blood separated into three layers:
  1. The first layer is the platelet-poor plasma in which there are fewer platelets.
  2. The second layer is the platelet-rich plasma containing a higher concentration of platelets. 
  3. The third contains red blood cells, the heavier components that settle at the bottom. 
  • The next step is plasma preparation. This involves processing it further to concentrate the platelets creating a solution containing growth factors. 
  • The individual’s scalp is then prepared. This involves cleaning the area of the scalp that requires treatment as well as disinfecting it with an antiseptic solution. 
  • The prepared injections are then inserted with a thin needle in different locations on the scalp. The number of target areas depends on the individual’s requirements as well as the recommendation of the doctor. 
  • Lastly, you will then be instructed to follow guidelines post-treatment for a smooth transition.

What are the Benefits in Store for Me?

Read on to learn about the advantages this therapy is offering you.

  • The Injections improve the blood flow to the scalp promoting firm growth in areas where thinning is quite visible. 
  • It improves the quality of strands producing thicker, healthier, and stronger restoration with resistance. 
  • There are significant improvements in the hair texture of the individual. This means improvements to the frizz control as well.
  • It leads to the production of new strands by activating the inactive hair follicles, creating a thick patch of new hairs growing overnight.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure with a minimal recovery time allowing the candidates to carry on with their usual activities without any serious restrictions. 
  • It avoids the risk of rejection by using one’s own body’s healing elements making it a natural approach to restoring the hairline organically.
  • Using the individual’s platelets promotes regeneration as the growth factors involved in the process reduce inflammation that may be contributing to hair loss.
  • Lastly, you feel confident about your aesthetics. With boosted self-esteem and improved appearance, you can now style your hair any way you prefer.

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