Feet Warts Removal Treatment in Dubai

Most of the time, warts are caused due to an infection, which can be contagious. You can merely get it by touching something or someone, and once you do, they can be very annoying and can come in the way of you achieving your goals. 

Many people have tried to get rid of the annoying skin imperfection in various ways, most of them are the methods that are widely available in the market and hence, are convenient to use. These treatments may include conventional foot creams and serums. While the creams may be effective for some time and are considered a cheap way out of the problem, they require an immense amount of consistency and commitment, but they only work for a short time.

Get more information about Warts Removal in Dubai, how it works, and what is its cost, through this informative article.

What Is A Wart?

Warts are black spots that may at times be raised and can appear for many people on their bodies and can irritate a person by causing itching. The reason why they occur in the first place is because of human papillomavirus (HPV), which further leads to rough bumps that are the color of the skin. Warts can appear on the skin as well as beneath it. When they do appear on the feet, they cause great discomfort to the person, not letting them wear stylish shoes such as heels, and can also make the feet look bad. Therefore, an effective treatment is necessary.

Warts Removal Treatment Options

Common warts removal techniques, used by our experts are:

Laser Warts Removal

Laser technology is known to treat many skin conditions effectively. For warts removal on feet the dermatologist  utilizes the intense laser beams at targeted warts which destroy their tissues. Before the procedure begins the  dermatologist applies numbing cream on the area of the feet so that the person does not experience any kind of pain or irritation. After the completion of the procedure, some individuals might have bruising or swelling on the treated area, but they only last for a short time


In this procedure, the warts are frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. People may experience pain because of it, due to which local anesthesia may be applied to the area of treatment before the procedure begins.

Chemical Peels

During this treatment, chemical peeling solutions are applied to the feet where the warts are present. This is so that the topmost layer of the skin, which consists of the wart can be peeled off and new and rejuvenated skin from beneath can be exposed. An individual with stubborn or a greater number of warts may need more than a single session to do the trick. Luckily chemical peels can work in that way.


There are some precautionary measures that the doctor prescribes the patient to follow. These measures include taking good care of the skin by only using the creams or serums that the doctor prescribed and not indulging in an experiment of their own. Moreover, many doctors also suggest not touching the treated area for the initial days.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Warts?

After the treatment, the patient likely experiences a little pain, blistering or swelling, but it is part of the recovery process. The recovery time for each individual can be different as it depends on the technique they used and the number of warts they had on their feet. Typically, it takes 3 to 4 days for warts to go away, but for some people, it might take weeks.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of warts removal in Dubai starts from 600 AED. The Cost may depends on several factors such as the location of the clinic, expertise of the doctor, condition of warts, and the treatment utilized to get rid of them.

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