How to Get Rid of Warts During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift and blessing from God. Expecting mothers are treated like royalty and made sure that no harm comes to them or the baby. Unfortunately, no matter how careful one can get, there are many bodily changes that we cannot stop from happening.
Apart from going through hormonal changes during this period, your body goes through physical changes too. You will experience swollen hands and feet, bigger breasts, and sometimes even warts. But How to Get Rid of Warts During Pregnancy in Dubai, UAE?

What are Warts?

Warts are defined as a skin infection of sorts that is caused due to the presence of human papillomavirus in the body. This skin infection causes small noncancerous bumps or lumps on the skin. These bumps can either appear separately or in clusters and are usually found on the hands, feet, knees, the face, and even your genitalia.

This infection will cause your skin to become rough and irritated. Warts are highly contagious and you can easily contract this infection by touching someone who has them.

Although they do not cause harm most of the time, it’s best to get them removed. Warts Removal Treatment in Dubai can easily be availed at Dynamic Clinic without any delays.

Types of Warts:

Warts are categorized depending on the area they are found:

Common Warts:

Found on the upper side of the hands

Flat warts:

Found on the face. They are flat in shape and usually appear on the forehead

Planter Warts:

Found mainly on the inner side of the feet and resemble calluses.

Genital Warts:

Found on the genitalia and are sexually transmitted.

How to Get Rid of Warts During Pregnancy in Dubai?

Getting Laser Treatment for Warts Removal in Dubai is the most common procedure to get rid of warts while pregnant. Numerous women suffer from planter warts while they are pregnant. The main reason why they do not get treatment is that they believe the treatment will harm the baby. But that is far from reality.

Wart Removal Procedure:

If you are getting laser therapy for your warts, the procedure will follow the steps explained below

  • The laser technician will examine your warts
  • Numbing cream will be applied to your feet to help with the pain
  • The technician will gently pass over the designated laser tool over the warts
  • After the Laser Warts Removal treatment is completed, you will be given an ice pack.

Why Should You Get Your Warts Removed?

Most doctors recommend getting laser therapy to get rid of warts during this period to avoid further spreading them. This infection is not only a health hazard but can also be very painful for the expecting mother to deal with.

They can make it very challenging for the patient to walk around or even stand upright on their feet. Since most women experience swollen feet during pregnancy, getting warts on top of it can be a nightmare. So save yourself the trouble and get Warts Removal Treatment in Dubai immediately.

Can You Prevent Warts?

Warts cannot be prevented, but you can reduce the chances of getting warts by following the given guidelines:

  • Do not shave near the wart.
  • Avoid nail biting and picking at your cuticles.
  • Try not to share your nail cutters, towels, razors, washcloths, clothes, or any personal belongings.
  • Avoid d touching warts on the other person.
  • Use condoms to prevent genitalia warts from spreading
  • Avoid making any physical contact with a wart.
  • Do not walk around barefoot in a public pool, locker room, or locker rooms

If you still manage to get warts, always opt for Laser Warts Removal treatment.

What is the Cost of Getting Your Warts Removed in Dubai?

If you want to get laser therapy in dubai to get your warts removed, you should know that it will cost you around AED 600. This price includes everything required to perform this procedure and is an affordable option. We at Dynamic Clinic will not charge you any extra expenses on top of the listed price, making our services the best in UAE.

Warts are usually covered by insurance companies. A few companies will cover only half of the expense of the procedure, so discuss with your insurance companies beforehand. But since pregnant women get this treatment for medical reasons, warts removal Dubai price will be fully covered via insurance.

Go Wart Free!

Make your pregnancy a beautiful journey rather than a painful one and get treatment for your warts today! Sign up today and get a free consultation session from the Dynamic Clinic.