Excessive Sweating Treatment in dubai

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, is a condition where a person sweats abnormally in certain areas of the body such as in armpits or palms. This is a common problem in adults and can be quite a nuisance for anyone who suffers from this as it disrupts the routine tasks.

Hyperhidrosis is different from normal sweating. It is so excessive that it may seep through the clothes and get them soaked which can be embarrassing for a person in social settings.

 Apart from staining clothes, excessive sweating can also result in producing body odor. Besides these emotional issues that it entails, hyperhidrosis can also render a person more prone to itching, irritation, and infections than a person who does not suffer from this condition. Most people do not seek help mainly because of the shame attached to this condition. However, treating it is synonymous to treating any health issue that acts as a hindrance in somebody’s peace. 


Treatments of hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

There are various treatments for this condition. Sometimes it is treated through medication, while other times it may be treated surgically. Some of the famous treatments are explained below. 

Botox Injections

The toxin Botulinum, used in Botox injections, is responsible for blocking and ceasing the functioning of muscles responsible for sweating. The blockage renders the sweat glands dysfunctional. These injections have gained popularity recently, mainly because they have lesser side effects than other medicinal treatments and they are more effective than others.


One of the major causes of excessive sweating is anxiety. A person suffering from anxiety will sweat without even any movement. Therefore, antidepressant or tranquilizers can be helpful in the treatment of hyperhidrosis as well by reducing anxiety and relieving their symptoms. 

Creams and sprays

There are various creams and deodorants that are widely employed by people with the said condition. Although they do not offer a long term effect, they do block the sweat glands and pores to reduce sweat. These creams are to be applied after waking up as well as while going to bed so that best results can be attained. It is also important to keep yourself dried in order to prevent body odor. 

Drugs/ Oral Medication

Oral medications and drugs are usually prescribed to people who suffer from a severe form of hyperhidrosis. Before prescribing this medication, doctors usually check for other health issues as well because medication may have adverse effects otherwise. This means that not everybody is eligible for treatment with drugs. These drugs that are taken orally are called anticholinergic. These drugs can affect one’s eyesight and contribute to excessive urination. 

Cost of Hyperhidrosis in Dubai

The cost of hyperhidrosis in Dubai varies from clinic to clinic and doctors to doctors. However, an estimated amount for Botox for underarms is AED 2000 to AED 3000. The most famous and yielding treatment is Botox injection treatment for sweat glands. The cost of Botox depends on:

  • The doctor and their expertise
  • The intensity of the issue
  • The hospital/clinic and its location
  • Units (quantity) of Botox used. 

In order to know the exact price, you will need to specifically ask this from a botox specialist because the cost majorly depends on the specialist treating it. 


Precautions to be Taken After Botox Treatment

Once Botox has been injected, the place tends to swell up and, therefore, needs extra care, especially if it itches and feels irritated. Some of the important precautions that you must take after the treatment are: 

  • Restrain yourself from scratching or even touching the swelled/irritated place.
  • You must take prescription seriously
  • Avoid foods that your doctor asks you to
  • Take medication properly
  • Apply sunblock if it hyperhidrosis has been done on an exposed place
  • Avoid exposure to sun


Usually, it does not take long for a person to recover from Botox treatment. Mostly 3 to 4 days are enough for the irritation or swelling to subside. In fact, one can even carry on the routine tasks immediately after the treatment is done. However, taking care is extremely essential. 



As mentioned above, it is essential to consult a specialist to actually understand your condition and its severity, treatment suited to you, and its cost. If you want us to help you find a consultation regarding the best Excessive Sweating treatment and its cost in Dubai, book a free appointment with our consultant at Dynamic Clinic!