Hyperhidrosis and Odor Try the Miracle of Miradry

What is Hyperhidrosis?

your body has an actual sweating mechanism to cool it down in cases of extremely hot weather, but sweating is also an end result of your body’s basic metabolism and regulation of temperature.  however in cases of extreme and Excessive Sweating it is definitely not ideal and excessive sweating often leads to a bad body odor.

This condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis in which the body is characterized by an increased amount of sweating. The condition of hyperhidrosis becomes a favorable environment for the bacteria and so also gives rise to multiple infections.

What Are the Causes of Hyperhidrosis? 

  •  Excessive weight gain and obesity.
  •  Living in areas with the extremely high temperatures.
  •  Medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.
  •  Increased metabolic activity in the body.
  •  Unhygienic or overgrowth of hair in areas such as underarms .

The Advent of Miradry for Excessive Sweating:

Over a period of years people have major concerns because of the condition of hyperhidrosis. The bad body odor often leads them to having a decreased self esteem and social unacceptance. Keeping the concerns of hyperhidrosis in mind, our clinic has now started to provide a Miradry Treatment in Dubai as a complete solution to hyperhidrosis.

Miradry uses the technology of energy to block the sweat glands and limit the rate at which they produce sweat. According to specialists the miradry treatment  is done by using a specified energy which is the same energy used in the microwave. The heat that is generated has the tendency to completely disrupt and destroy the sweat glands in case they are working hyperactivity. 

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Miradry? 

  • Candidates who have excessive sweating.
  •  Ideal for candidates who have been experiencing recurrent infections because of sweating.
  •  Males and females who feel the use of deodorant and body sprays as a wastage.

How is the Procedure for Miradry Performed? 

No matter how many deodorants and antiperspirants you use, the results are always short term. They normally last for around three to four hours however the effects of Miradry in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are different and long lasting devoid of any complications. here is a closer look of the procedure: 

  •  The specialist will first analyze the area and will clear the surface to packed dry it
  •  a local anesthesia is infused into the target areas such as the armpit to prevent any unpleasant sensations during the treatment
  •  the laser technology based device is used to destroy the sweat glands
  •  surprisingly there are no requirements of pre surgical techniques such as incisions or suturing

What to Expect in the Results after the Miradry Session? 

The results can vary from person to person. People with high rates of hyperhidrosis normally require multiple sessions, however in the first session you will be able to witness that the amount of sweating has decreased to minimum as compared to the pre-treatment. 

You can check the results by observing how quickly your clothes are getting stained. Ideally after a single session of miradry you will be able to see that the amount of sweat stains on your clothes have relatively decreased.

The Aftercare Instructions and Recovery:

There are no instructions to follow after the mirror dry session as such however it is important to keep the following points into consideration: 

  •  Avoid using hot water to clean the area
  •  Use soft and gentle cleansers after treatment
  •  drink enough water

Merits and Demerits:


  • Is one of the safest treatments against excessive sweating.
  • The results are long lasting and do not require multiple sessions.
  •  is suitable for both the genders.

The Cons:

  • Is not suitable for people of younger age groups.
  • Isn’t ideal treatment only for the armpits and other areas of the body do not readily accept the treatment. 

The Recovery:

Luckily miradry does not have an extended downtime and it does not limit the patient to do any regular activities. you can resume back to your work right after the treatment. any swelling, redness or tenderness will subsequently be dismissed after an hour of two of the treatment. 

What is the Cost of Miradry treatment in Dubai UAE?

The treatment Cost of Miradry depends upon the severity of the sweating, complexity of the treatment and the age of the patient.  On average the treatment ranges between 1,400 AED to 2,400 AED

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If you are also sick and tired of bad body odor that is the consequence of sweating then give your armpits a relief by choosing the Miradry treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. It is a one to one solution for preventing the sweat stains on your clothes and it refreshes you inside out. Book an appointment with our consultant and avail a free consultation right away.