How To Handle Sweaty Armpits - Underarm Sweat Reduction

Do you feel hesitant in social meetups because of your body odor? Are you sick and tired of the unpleasant smell and sweat stains on your clothes?  Sweaty armpits are a major problem nowadays in Dubai because of the excessive humidity and heat.

However, there is something you definitely don’t know about. Swearing excessively is not always because of the heat. There can be other medical conditions too. This excessive sweating and condition is called hyperhidrosis.

Here are some hyperhidrosis treatment in Dubai that you should surely try before landing into Dubai or if you are resident or I recently planning to visit Dubai.

What Are The Causes Of Hyperhidrosis ? 

The following are the common causes of excessive sweating:

  • Extremely humid weather.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Hot flashes during menopause.
  • During the initial stages of heart attack.
  • In patients with diabetes.

What Are The Common Areas Where Sweating Mostly Occurs ? 

  • The face.
  • The body.
  • Armpits.
  • Scalp.

How To Handle Sweaty Armpits?

Here is the closer look on the methods to treat hyperhidrosis especially and your armpits:

Shower Regularly:

It is important to shower at least twice or thrice a day especially during summers. This causes the sweat to get less habitant on the skin. You cannot control your sweating by taking shower continuously. You can keep the odor and unpleasant smell at a distance.

Use A High Quality Anti Perspirant:

Invest in buying some high quality body spray and deodorants that are capable of keeping smell and body odor at bay. Some of them also have the quality of limiting the production of sweat.

Avoid Junk Or Oily Food:

Studies and researches have proved that eating extra oily food or junk food can cause the sebaceous glands to become hyperactive and produce more and more sweat. As a consequence a person sweats horrible and the smell becomes worse as the sweat production increases.

Use Absorbing Pads:

If you are one who sweat excessively and want a proper sweat free underarms then you can buy some underarm pads that can be easily stick on to the clothing to absorb the sweat first stop this will not limit the amount of sweating or will have any leather will it have any effect on the production of the sweat but it will at least limit the stains from appearing on to the clothes.

Avoid Tight Fitted Clothes:

You can wear loose clothing and still flaunt them. Wearing overly tight clothes will block air from entering into your body and as a result you will sweat more. Letting air pass in can dry off your body faster and will keep the sweat stains at bay.

Say No To Caffeine:

According to some studies it is concluded that intake of excessive amounts of tea ,coffee or any beverage that consists of caffeine can trigger the batius glands to produce more and more sweat . This mostly happens in the early stage of life after reaching puberty.

Get Yourself Treated With Botox:

For those who want to know ”how do I get my underarms to stop sweating” then know that there is a new yet unique and effective method for stopping Getting a shot of botox injection into the effective areas can stop or block the sebaceous glands from producing excessive sweat.

How To Overcome From Hyperhidrosis? 

If you start drinking enough water instead of taking the caffeine in fuse beverages then your body will flush off the toxins through the sweat however the smell will no longer be felt after the abstinence of caffeine. Try to avoid junk food and eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that are fresh.

The Bottom Line!

Getting the right treatment for sweaty armpits is important not because of the sweat stains or anything but because it is hygienically very UNacceptable. This inturn  gives bacteria a favorable environment to grow and feed on. As a result the body stinks really bad and people normally don’t like to hang around. If you want to get a permanent treatment like the one mentioned above then you can visit our clinic for the concerns related to hyperhidrosis treatment cost in Dubai.