Cost To Get Your Teeth Whitened In Dubai Teeth Whitening

Do you have issues with the appearance of your teeth? Perhaps they were white when you were born, but they have been discolored due to tobacco use, inhalants, age, tartar buildup, and enamel erosion. Whatever the reason, you may be considering, like many other people, what is known as professional teeth whitening in Dubai.

Well, if you are thinking about: How much it usually costs to get your teeth whitened in Dubai, there are some things you need to take a look at in advance, including:

The Average Cost:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, the average cost of teeth whitening is AED 1999, the teeth whitening refill is AED 300, and the home teeth whitening kit is AED 999. The prices may fluctuate depending on the location of the clinic, the skills of the dentist, and the condition of the teeth.

Cost Factors:

The most important factors that affect the cost of teeth whitening in Dubai are:

Degree of discoloration:

The price is directly related to the degree of discoloration. Slight staining, for example, will definitely be less costly than moderate to severe cases.  

Location of the clinic:

The cost is also affected by the location of the clinic. Some practices provide extra services. They can, for example, provide hotel services during the treatment and recovery period. As a result, these benefits will alter the price.

A number of sessions required:

Depending on the desired results, the number of whitening sessions required may also vary,  resulting in a variance in cost.

Making Teeth whitening effects long-lasting:

Even though teeth whitening produces excellent results, the alterations tend to disappear over time, with the whitening impact generally lasting around a year. As a result, depending on your choices, you should plan follow-up services every 6 to 12 months.

Other aftercare tips that can greatly improve the results include:

  • Limiting or lowering your use of foods and beverages that cause stains, such as strawberries, raspberries, red wine, grape juice, chocolate, coffee, carbonated beverages, sodas, etc. is essential
  • After eating or drinking, wiggling some water can help to prevent discoloration.
  • Try to quit – Tobacco is hazardous for your teeth as well as your well-being. Cigarettes, cigars, and pipes contain nicotine, tar, and tobacco, which will darken your teeth.
  • Flossing twice a day will keep your mouth healthy and stain-free.

Are Teeth Whitening Worth It?

Because teeth whitening expenditures are modest, getting your teeth professionally whitened is among the most effective cosmetic procedures available. Even if the cost of teeth whitening at the dental specialist is higher, the return on investment, as well as the durable results, make it a viable choice.

Will insurance cover professional teeth whitening services?

Teeth whitening effects largely depend on the dentist. Ensure that your professional has a high level of training because you will get great results only with the dentist’s hand skills. Though teeth whitening is an elective procedure; you don’t technically require the service to have a pearly white smile. For that alone, the costs aren’t generally covered by insurance. You need to be responsible for 100% of the pricing, regardless of which type of whitening technique you pick. That’s why you really need to be cautious in the procedure selection.

More Questions?  

For a tailored and cheap teeth whitening treatment in Dubai, contact Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. We are professionals in all forms of whitening operations, with a track record dating back to 2008. Dial (+971561772998) or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment.