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Say Goodbye to Obesity. -Meet the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai!

An obese person’s fat is what we all notice. Who knows what the health problems they go through in daily life. Even we can’t count on them. High blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, breathing problems, heart diseases hypertension, cancer, and much more. – Obesity treatment is now actually a need more than any desire. So get weight loss surgery, before it gets too late.

It’s imperative to choose the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and clinic carefully. You might get benefit from this blog in finding Dubai’s best Bariatric surgeon including what weight loss procedures he offers. Continue reading.

What is Bariatric Surgery how it works for weight loss?

Bariatric surgery is a simple weight loss procedure. Even though it has a lot of methods but all of them hold the same purpose, just to make the stomach smaller. This way you eat less food and absorb fewer calories. Here are the most common procedures of this procedure, check out.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Banding
  • Gastric Balloon

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai UAE:

Well, there are thousands of expert surgeons in Dubai performing bariatric surgeries over years but when it comes to the best one, Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is a famous name. We are glad to state that recently he joined our clinic and serving his quality time here.

Dr. Abdul upholding the highest level of professionalism, care, and veracity for his patients. He was inspired in the career of cosmetic surgeries when he qualified from medical school. Later he emphasized his specializations in weight loss surgeries and years of experience in this made him the best weight loss surgeon.

With his expert hands, you won’t be going through any significant complications. He individually carries out comprehensive post-operative care for risk-less results.

How Bariatric Surgery can Help me?

Obesity is the most challenging problem majority struggles to be cured from. The best Bariatric surgeon in Dubai is the only person who can help here. – If you are also going through this problematic fat condition bariatric surgery may be the solution for you. It won’t only benefit you for weight loss but also many health problems as well. Gradually, you would notice, normal blood pressure, no more high cholesterol or breathing difficulty.

Besides, make sure your current BMI suits well to the candidacy requirements of this surgery. Typically if BMI is 35 or more with significant health problems means you are a candidate for this otherwise check with your doctor.


At this point, I expect you got some idea about the best Bariatric surgeon. Still, if there is any misconception prefer asking plenty of questions from your dedicated surgeon. Look over their credentials first. Plus inquire about their qualifications, years of experience, patient feedback, and successful surgeries, and so on. This could be a great help in knowing if your surgeon is really an expert or a fraud.

At Dynamic, we have competent cosmetic surgeons working closely to offer both surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions. If you are quite slim and your body needs contouring then our non-surgical treatment might be right for you. Otherwise, you need to get our surgical procedures, which are usually meant for obese people.

Speak directly to our experts, disclose your medical, aesthetic problems and get proper guidance.

The Takeaway:

Bariatric in Dubai is proven effective in terms of treating obesity. You can achieve the most amazing results by having this surgery from our cosmetic surgeon. Being the leading cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai we are always focused on your safety. Our clinic’s safety policy embraces taking care of patients before, during, and after surgery. With a commitment to a lifelong plan, there is no chance to gain weight again in the future except if you eat unhealthily.

To help decide which weight loss procedure is right and how this surgery could benefit, consult us right away. Book your appointment with the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah through an online form or contact us at the given numbers.