Digital Smile Design in Dubai

Everyone deserves to smile without embarrassment. Cosmetic dentistry involves surgical and non-surgical procedures that enhance, repair, and align teeth in order to achieve a beautiful, confident smile. In fact, with the application of technology and scientific technology in dentistry, people, especially teenagers, are becoming more aware of dental treatments. And according to one research, about half of youngsters from 10 to 18 years old said they wanted special treatments in pursuit of a designer smile like celebrities and their idols.

Digital Smile Design (DSD):

Amazing smile, amazing you. Digital Smile Design in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has taken the beauty world by storm. Even though it is new to the market, it has already established an immense following with fans and beauty experts alike. It is actually a technique that spots and fixes a number of dental problems to help patients experience the incredible power of a beautiful smile.

In a nutshell, DSD creates a temporary full-sized model or design for demonstration, evaluation, and other purposes. If you wish to find more about how it works, read ahead.


DSD is a technique developed by Christian Coachman that involves capturing pictures of the patient’s mouth through a special software to customize a smile design as per the individual needs. It offers more predicted outcomes, better results for each and every sufferer.

How it Works:

The dentist creates a treatment plan based on the teeth’ proportions. He utilizes DSD protocol to nourish his analytic vision, and have effective doctor-patient communication. At first, he captures photos and prepares replicas of the patient’s mouth to get a clearer picture of the anatomy plus, to determine how it works in order to deliver a better smile. However, in addition to physical aspects, the provider also considers your personal psychological needs and the way you act in particular situations. Emotional assessment is needed because sentiments play an important role in creating a constructive way to convey the responses.

With a confident smile, you can make your life more beautiful. But before you embark on the journey, it is important to work closely with the provider. Make sure he has an artistic sense. It allows him to create a smile that transcends the ordinary.


The moment you decide to undergo this therapy, the very first thing you need to do is carefully choose a provider. Book a consultation with him and on the appointed day, discuss all the risks, and comforts thoroughly.

Things to Remember:

  • Since the patient will be profoundly involved in the DSD protocol so it is vital for them to openly and honestly interact with experts throughout the treatment.
  • He needs to tell the smile designer what he wants and reveal his fears regarding dental procedures


If you choose to proceed, the dentist will take snapshots, and videos from every direction of your mouth and will import that data in specialized software. And depending on the facial symmetry, he will determine what shapes could be placed on the set of your teeth to deliver you the PERFECT SMILE you wish to have. Above and beyond, it will provide you an early glimpse into the treatment results.

How Much does it Cost?

One Digital smile design session in Dubai lasts anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes and can cost from AED 800 to AED 2,000, depending on the number of teeth to repair, the desired outcomes, and the expertise of the dental surgeon.

You should find a certified dentist near you to determine the exact cost.

The Takeaway:

People today are getting extremely self-conscious and are realizing the need for a beautiful smile. For that reason, dental treatments have been gaining increased popularity across the world. Well, the arrival of DSD has, no doubt contributed a lot to the success of cosmetic dentistry. In actuality, it is a smile makeover simulation that helps the patient to determine his or her look before any dental treatment. It has made it possible for us to make the treatment outcomes more predictable and better.

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