Winter Hair Fall and Prevention Tips

Hair loss is a nightmare, for sure! Winter’s moderate temperatures and plenty of delectable meals may also bring on unpleasant hair loss. Our skin and hair have a tendency to act differently when the seasons change, therefore it is crucial that we tailor our hair care routine to address these unwelcome issues. So, how can you prevent hair loss during the winter after a Hair Transplant in Dubai? Be at ease—we have a solution for you!

Prevention Tips:

Here are some of the tips for the prevention of hair fall after a hair transplant. Keep scrolling to know about them.

Examine the Root of Hair Loss:

Simple everyday routines of yours, such as stress or dietary inadequacies, might contribute to your winter-related hair loss. To assist you in keeping your strands shiny and healthy, speak with a trichologist (hair specialist). To understand your blood parameters and health data, your doctor may suggest that you undergo a few health tests. Your doctor can rule out systemic disorders that might be the root of your hair and scalp’s state with the aid of a thorough blood profile. Now is the time to schedule a blood test.

Avoid Taking a Hot Shower:

Avoid taking prolonged hot showers or head wash in hot water. Too much heat can damage your hair. Use a hair protection spray first if you style your hair too frequently before trying it. But keep in mind do not use any product without consultation with your hair specialist. To avoid any side effects contact Dynamic Clinic Dubai.

Using Hair Oil Twice Weekly:

Nothing is more effective for your hair after a Hair Transplant in Dubai in the winter than a thorough oil massage. In addition to being wonderfully relaxing, oil massages are a great way to halt hair loss in the winter. Because they provide your hair and scalp with the necessary vitamins and fatty acids to ward against the cold, olive oil and almond oil are great hair oils. You might also try jojoba oil; it works wonders for moisturizing hair.

Use Winter-Appropriate Hair Products:

If you have hair loss in the winter after a hair transplant, you must modify your hair care regimen to include items that will help your hair and halt hair fall. We advocate using a line of hair products that are packed with premium ingredients, strengthen your hair, and consistently stop hair loss.

Avoid Using a Hair Dryer:

You should let your hair air dry. When you blow dry your hair, moisture is lost, increasing the chance that it may break. Your hair will remain shiny and healthy by air drying. Accept your natural hair and let it air dry whenever you can. Heat styling makes the issue worse by drying out the strands of your hair, which are already sensitive in the colder months.

Avoid Leaving the House With Damp Hair:

Hair specialists of Dynamic Clinic often suggest patients not leave the house after getting Hair Fall treatment in Dubai. Wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. Walking outside in the cold with a wet head might cause hair to freeze and break. Although air drying is ideal, blow drying your hair is preferable to going outside with damp hair. But choose a temperature of no more than room temperature.

Before You Comb Your Hair, Dry It:

Because damp hair is so fragile, combing it will probably cause a lot of hair to fall off. Your hair tends to fall out significantly more during the winter since the hair shaft is brittle and thin. Therefore, our specialist advice always to let your hair air dry before combing it.

Improve Your Sleep and Diet:

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a healthy diet and enough beauty sleep. By eating well and getting adequate sleep, you may dramatically increase the health of your hair. Your hair will be better able to withstand the winter’s frost if you eat foods that are nutrient- and vitamin-rich.

Put a Hair Shield On:

Even while growing out your hair, you need to protect it from the sun and pollutants. Too much exposure to the sun and pollutants can harm hair and cause thinning. To conceal your hair, wear scarves and beanies. Your fashion game will improve if you add these items!

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair:

Avoid taking many showers because the winter is often rather dry and doing so might cause your hair to lose its natural moisture. Washing your hair once or twice a week is preferable. Use a dry shampoo on alternate days to keep your hair and scalp clean.

Final Verdict!

Now that you are aware of these simple procedures to stop hair loss in the winter after a Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we are certain that you will adhere to them, retain strong, moisturized, and silky looks, and get the ideal hair flips even in the winter! People have diverse hair care needs, thus your hair care products should reflect this. Browse through our extensive selection of Shampoos and Conditioners to make your decision.