Hair Transplant Surgery - What Options Do You Have

Hair loss is a widespread issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide. While there are various treatments for dealing with hair loss. Because uncountable factors cause hair loss. The prime factors are aging, hormonal imbalances, and the environment. Everyone is searching for methods. But one of the most popular and effective is hair transplant surgery. It is an invasive treatment. That involves transplanting hair follicles from one part to another. If you are curious about Hair Transplant Surgery – What Options Do You Have? Then we will assist you with the hair restoration treatment. These procedures help regain a full head of hair. It also aids in concealing the bald spot on the head. We also offer non-invasive hair restoration therapy.

What is a Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is a cosmetic treatment in which hair is removed from the donor site. Which is the back of the head. And then implanted in the recipient site, which is the front of the head. This treatment is suitable for all applicants. Especially those who have lost their hair. Because of genetics, injuries, or medical issues. The procedures can help boost your confidence.

Treatment Options:

There are a lot of Hair Restoration Treatments in Dubai. The options include both invasive and non-invasive procedures. The following are the most effective:

Invasive Procedures:

These are the most effective treatment options to regain your hair. This is a permanent and reliable option. The following are some examples:

  • FUT:

It is a surgical hair restoration technique. In which a strip of skin from the back of the scalp will be removed. And then dissected into individual hair follicles. The hair follicles are then implanted into bald or thinning scalp areas. This procedure leaves a linear scar at the donor location. But that can be hidden with long hair.

  • FUE:

It is another surgical hair restoration treatment. That includes using a small punch to extract hairs. It collects individual hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp. The follicles will be inserted into the scalp’s recipient area. FUE is less invasive than FUT. Because no incision is involved in the procedure. It results in less scarring and is most effective.

  • DHI:

It is a less invasive method of hair transplantation. That involves extracting hair follicles from the scalp using a specific tool. It works without incisions. Using a specific implanter tool. Then the removed hair follicles will be implanted into the recipient site.

Non-invasive Procedure:

Everyone is not suitable for invasive treatments. As a result, we have non-invasive methods for restoring your hair. The following are the most effective treatments:

  • PRP Therapy:

 This therapy is a non-surgical hair restoration therapy. That includes injecting the patient’s own blood. This contains growth factors that help the scalp stimulate hair growth. PRP therapy is especially beneficial for people. It helps in thinning hair or mild hair loss. This therapy does not prevent hair loss. It is an organic treatment option and has no side effects. 

  • Low-Intensity Laser Therapy (LLLT):

It is a non-invasive hair restoration procedure. That stimulates hair growth with low-level laser light. Several times every week, the laser light is delivered to the scalp for a few minutes. LLLT is very useful for those experiencing mild-to-moderate hair loss. This treatment helps to encourage collagen production.


The Cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai is very low. It ranges from AED 6,999 to AED 14,999. This pricing range is not constant. Because it depends on many factors. The following factors can influence the expenses:

  • The number of grafts you receive can influence the cost.
  • The treatment option you select.
  • The condition of the scalp.
  • The severity of the target side.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The condition of the donor areas.

Will Insurance Pay the Expenses?

Getting your insurance to cover a hair transplant can be difficult. But there are other conditions that cause hair loss. The conditions include chronic sickness or an accident. Then you can claim your procedure expenses it depends on them. Otherwise, it is a cosmetic treatment, and most companies won’t pay for it. Another case is if you have lost your hair because of cancer. Then most of the companies will bear the expenses.

Why Choose Us?

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