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Nowadays there are very few people, who aren’t a victim of hair loss. Because hair loss has spread all around the globe like an invasive disease. No matter how old you are, but still you can be a victim of hair loss. The only key to keep your hair healthy and beautiful is to take good care by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Hair is a great gift of God. Hair loss does not pick its victims. People from different backgrounds Male or Female are inclined to loosing hair anytime in their lives relying upon their lifestyle, age, and hereditary Genes.

When it strikes, you will search for the best medicines or hair treatments to cure your hair loss or baldness condition depending upon the cost of it. Hair plays an essential role in grooming your personality and also adds attraction to your physical magnificence. Beautiful and thick hair also builds up your self-esteem and confidence level.

Factors That Slow Hair Regrowth

Hair contributes to the beauty of men and women equally. However, it has the potential to stop growing or have a slowed growth rate. The growth rate of hair is influenced by various factors. Some of them are given below:

1. Age

As you age, your hair can start becoming thin and have a slow-going rate even after you have treated them. Age can be a major factor contributing to it.

2. Weak Hair Follicles

Hair follicles contribute greatly to hair regrowth. Weak hair follicles are a result of less blood supply to the scalp. If your hair regrowth is slow, even after the treatment, you probably have weak hair follicles.

3. Genetics

Some people take a healthy diet and still have a slow-going regrowth, while others can be reckless but still be able to flaunt their newly gained voluminous hair. The culprit for this is our genetics. This is one of the major causes that you may be moved towards slow hair regrowth or even baldness. As for most of one’s characteristics and features, genetics take the biggest part in hair growth as well. A trichologist can help you find a solution to this problem.

4. Unbalanced or Unhealthy Diet

If you are not taking enough portions of proteins or other nutrients, your hair regrowth will automatically slow down. Moreover, if you have an unhealthy diet or are on a crash diet, the regrowth of your hair will be affected, it is backed by research.

5. Stress

If you have recently encountered a stressful event and are in a constant state of anxiousness, it is likely that your hair will cease growing or their regrowth will be negatively influenced. A stressful situation in your life can surely render your hair regrowth slow and even stop it.

6. Hormones

If you are wondering why your thick beautiful hair is suddenly thinning out or has slow-going progress with regrowth, it may be because of the hormonal imbalance. By treating this, your hair will gain strength and will regrow at a faster pace.

7. Underlying Health Issues

If you are already suffering from a disease, it can also affect the regrowth of your hair. A problem with thyroid production, for instance, can greatly contribute to slow-going hair regrowth. Likewise, if you are on medication because of some underlying issue, it can certainly make your hair grow at a slower rate even if you have had a hair regrowth treatment.

Factors That Influence Hair Regrowth

1. Healthy Diet

After you have gone through any hair treatment, such as PRP therapy, you have to take a proper diet so that your hair gains enough protein to stimulate your follicles in accelerating your hair regrowth. Diet is always an answer to health-related issues./

2. Oiling

If your physician recommends, you can certainly use natural methods to fasten your hair’s regrowth. After you have recovered from hair regrowth treatment, oiling can positively influence your hair. Coconut oil, for example, contributes majorly. It can strengthen your hair and stimulate their growth. Other oils such as fish oil is also beneficial. Your hair will

3. Massaging your hair

Massaging your scalp can provide strength to your scalp which in turn will stimulate your hair follicles. This will help your hair regrow rapidly.

4. Age

Age can influence hair regrowth after having undergone some hair regrowth treatments. Sometimes a treatment’s effect may wear off soon while you age. However, mostly, treatments are effective, and they can last as long as you are promised by your trichologist. This depends on other factors as well but age is certainly one of those factors that influence your regrowth.  


Whether you are suffering from alopecia areata, cancer, hormone imbalance, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, whatever the causes of hair loss; before a surgeon diagnoses a patient through a complete examination of the condition, take medication, and family history, diet intake,  and the hair care routine a person, other their diagnostic factors are:

  • Blood Test:
    A blood test is taken to reveal the medical cause of the hair loss. 
  • Microscopy with the light:
    Microscopy is used to reveal the possible reasons for hair shaft with the help of a specific instrument that allows examination of the hair trimmed.
  • Hair Pull Test:
    The hair pull technique helps identify the shedding stages by pulling a few hairs to observe how many pull out at once.
  • Biopsy of the Scalp:
    Such a technique allows identifying infections that cause hair loss by scraping the scalp or examining the plucked hair’s roots under a microscope.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments:

People looking for Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai mainly demand a procedure that has guaranteed outcomes without any or minimal discomfort and is cost-effective. Below are the Non-Surgical Treatment for hair loss you can benefit from


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-invasive, quickly evolving solution for any type of baldness or excessive hair loss.  The capacity to produce cells or repair gets improved by infusing PRP into the specified site. It is one of the fastest and effective ways to regenerate lost hair. For more satisfying outcomes, most surgeons combine PRP with Mesotherapy and Curacen. The FDA has authorized it as a quick and painless technique. It is the solution for those who want a simple, easy, and rapid solution to their problems.

Laser Therapy:

If you’ve lately noticed hair problems or loss, it’s a good idea to try Laser Hair Therapy for hair loss. The laser light generated by specific laser equipment improves blood circulation and heals tissues with cellular metabolic problems. It also promotes the restoration of typical physiological tissues, resulting in thicker, healthier hair. Under certain circumstances, positive outcomes arrive faster, although individuals cannot foresee this with clarity.


Others generally regard hair that appears solid or elegant as a symbol of wellness or attractiveness. Like anybody’s area, Hair needs a wide range of nutrients to be healthy and flourish. Hair loss is connected to a variety of nutritional deficits. Here is nutrition that is beneficial for hair loss:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega-3s, are essential for skin, hair, and nail wellness.
  • B6, B12, and folic acid are indeed essential for hair health.
  • Proteins are essential for hair health, although many people do not consume plenty of it.
  • Hair gets affected by trace essential minerals, magnesium, zinc, and biotin; thus, taking a daily multivitamin is a good idea.

Home Care Program:

Individuals can achieve hair Loss reduction at home with specific home remedies. The following are the Home Remedies for hair loss:

  • Massaging the scalp nourishes the scalp and helps promote hair thickness when combined with hair oils or treatments.
  • Hair loss has historically been successfully treated with aloe vera. It also moisturizes and calms the scalp. It can help to get rid of dandruff and unclog hair follicles that have been clogged by too much oil.
  • Coconut oil includes lauric acid, which penetrates the hair shaft and prevents protein loss.
  • Onion juice is said to help circulate blood. Improvements in keratinocyte growth factor, a key modulator of hair follicle growth and development, have been seen in animal research.
  • One can choose either fresh lemon juice or lemon oil to improve the quality and development of your hair. Lemon oil may aid in the maintenance of a healthy scalp and hair development.
  • Rosemary is a popular essential oil for promoting hair development and reducing hair loss. Rosemary oil has been shown to encourage new hair development and even help with alopecia.


With diet, medication works miracles when it comes to treating hair loss. These medication following have most opted: 

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) is accessible over-the-counter. Two times a day, spray or massage it into the scalp. It is appropriate for both genders.
  • Finasteride (Propecia) is a prescription-only medication. It’s a daily tablet that people ingest. Both genders can use it.

Using medicine to address hair loss reduces hair thinning and improves scalp covering by regrowing hair. It also thickens the shafts of the hair strands, resulting in thicker hair growth. 

Right Candidates:

Patients who should be in good general health and not have any unique skin problems are suitable candidates. Also, people who do not smoke, drink, have mild hair loss and pattern of baldness are good candidates.

People have Diabetes or blood and liver problems, pregnant and breastfeeding, and people who are inducing certain drugs are NOT suitable for non-surgical treatment.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatments:

FUE Hair Transplant:

During follicular unit extraction – FUE hair transplants, specific hair follicles are extracted from the skin and implanted on another body. The hair in the different regions may appear thicker due to this.

The follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedure was supposed to be replaced by FUE. This method entailed extracting a complete portion of skin or scalp, including the follicles, and transplanting it to the desired location.

FUT Hair Transplant:

During FUT, the surgical process is used to remove a strip from the scalp skin, usually from the back of the head. The strip’s exact size is determined by the number of follicles required to cover bald patches. The width of the strip usually is between 1 and 1.5 cm (0.4 and 0.6 inches). The particular strands are then re-inserted into the scalp after taking the strip.

Hair transplant operations might last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. FUT surgery takes less time than FUE surgery. 

Hybrid Hair Transplant:

This procedure combines FUT and FUE procedures to have as many grafts as feasible. Both FUE and FUT are done simultaneously in this combined technique. The outcomes of a hybrid hair transplant are nearly indistinguishable from the natural hairline. The advantages of this method include that it may be possible to capture all regions of alopecia with a solitary surgery. Using Hybrid equal to 4000 to 6000 grafts, large-scale graft harvesting is conceivable.

Other surgical treatments we offer.

Other surgical treatments we offer are as follows:

  • FUSS Hair Transplant
  • Body Hair Transplant
  • Scarless Hair Transplant
  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant
  • Crown Hair Transplant

Right Candidates

The suitable candidate for surgical hair loss treatment are as follows:

  • Individuals with male/female patterns of baldness.
  • Individuals who have realistic expectations related to surgery.
  • People who have lost their hair due to trauma or burn.
  • People who went through radiation therapy after cancer.
  • People with Alopecia Areata.

Hair Loss Treatment Before & After:

hair loss treatment hair loss treatment hair loss treatment

hair loss treatment hair loss treatment

Cost of Hair Loss Treatments:

The Cost of Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai varies depending upon surgical and non-surgical techniques. We are now promoting our patients a 1 dirham per hair deal on hair transplantation. The cost of hair transplants would rise in proportion to the number of hair grafts necessary.

For example: when a hair transplant requires 2,200 hair grafts, the cost will be AED 2,200. If a person opted for a surgical procedure, the cost starts from 6,999 AED, and if a person goes under the non-surgical procedure, the price starts from approximately AED 450.

Every surgical treatment that costs more than 10,000 AED comes with a financing plan. If your hair transplant treatment costs more than the stated price, you will be automatically enrolled in our 0% EXP finance plan.

Note: The surgeon provides the exact cost of hair loss treatment during the free consultation

Early Symptoms of Hair Loss?

If you observe these early signs of Hair Loss treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah then you should rush to consult the trichologist of the Dynamic Clinic:

  • Hair Thinning
  • Hair Loss patches on the scalp
  • Complete Baldness

There are numerous myths and forever-changing fashions regarding proper hair care. Due to which, you might be confused and thinking that what to do and what to avoid.

Desire to have Gorgeous Hair like Celebrities:

Due to the hope that maybe this PRP hair regrowth tonic, cream, gel or spray can help in rebooting their hair regrowth process and they would again have a full head of hair or gorgeous hair like celebrities, many people fall prey to such products.

What are the Objectives?

Following are the goals of Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

  • It won’t leave scars on your recipient and donor areas.
  • It will help you in providing you with long-lasting hair that won’t fall.
  • It will help you in enhancing your physical beauty by making you more beautiful and attractive.
  • It will help you in providing you with thicker and healthier hair.

Free Consultation:

If you want to permanently treat your hair loss, baldness, or hair thinning with natural, prominent, and safe results at an affordable cost without suffering from the side effects, then feel free to consult the best dermatologist in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic to consider Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.