Best Broken Tooth Treatment in Dubai Abu Dhabi Cost

People can have broken teeth for several reasons, for example, they might have experienced an intense injury, they could have chipped their teeth while eating a hard food item, or they might have grown teeth that look naturally broken. No matter what the reason is, a broken tooth should not be left ignored no matter how much a person is busy with their daily routine.

Some people who are smart enough to not ignore their broken teeth are mostly the ones who think that a broken tooth tarnishes their physical beauty. Therefore, to not feel insecure and lack confidence in front of other people, they tend to indulge in a solution that they believe is a quick fix, such as temporary retainers. Many people whose self-esteem has been harmed to a great extent start following behind in the simplest tasks and objectives of their lives, which has harmed both their professional and personal endeavors.

However, as technology has progressed so greatly over the past many years and more information is available for people to research, there are several ways that a person can get their broken tooth fixed and be aware of the harmful effects it consists of. Some of the most common solutions are Dental veneers and Dental Bonding.

Find out more information about how the harmful effects of a broken tooth and the different treatments available for it to be fixed, through this insightful article.

How Dangerous Is A Broken Tooth?

The only drawback of a person having a broken is not that it ruins their physical appearance, but there are several others as well. The tooth is made of a strong substance called the enamel which provides it with a protective coating against things that the teeth are generally exposed to daily. However, it is still possible for the tooth to form some kind of crack or dent on it regardless of the enamel which leaves it in a very vulnerable state.

If a person is not experiencing any kind of pain due to the cracked or chipped teeth, it does not mean that the broken tooth is not doing them any harm. In reality, the damage may expose the tooth to air, temperature, and bacteria, ultimately leading the teeth to form an infection.

What Are The Treatments Available To Fix A Broken Tooth?

Not to worry, as the best dental clinic Dubai offers some of the most effective treatments to get rid of a broken tooth. Some of these treatments are:

Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers in Dubai are made up of a super-thin covering that almost looks like an original tooth. The purpose of the covering is to protect and safely keep the front of the tooth so that no breaks or chips are obvious.

Dental Bonding:

In this procedure, the dentist usually applies a special substance to the particular area from where the tooth is damaged and alters it to fit the compromised area perfectly. After that, the specialist makes use of ultraviolet light to dry and harden the substance and polish it to make it look like the original tooth.

Dental Filling:

Tooth filling in Dubai is carefully conducted by a dentist, who uses a tooth-colored resin during the procedure of bonding and filling the enamel to cover the cracked part of the tooth.

Tooth Extraction:

Dental extraction in Dubai is the simplest solution to a cracked tooth, which cannot be saved at times. Therefore, the dentist just takes it out and replaces it with a bridge or dental implant.

What Are The Necessary Steps To Take After A Broken Tooth!

The treatments available to mend a broken tooth cannot be conducted instantly. So, when a person breaks a tooth, they should first use warm water to rinse their mouth and apply gentle pressure on the targeted area. Many dentists also recommend icing the area using cold compression to stop the bleeding and swelling.

If part of a tooth has been chipped off, a person should bring it to their dentist, who would know best, what to do.

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