6 Dental Procedures for Cracked and Broken Tooth

Trauma to the oral cavity leads to crack and fracture in the teeth. This is normally because of a history of fall or blow. It is more problematic aesthetically than functionally. People normally don’t worry about whether the tooth will go back and will retain its functional integrity or not, rather their first and foremost concern is about the appearance and structure. There are multiple teeth fracture treatment in dubai. The treatment will be prescribed according to the intensity and extent of the damage to the tooth. Here is a closer look about some of the dental procedures our Clinic follows in order to restore a cracked or a broken tooth. 

What Causes Cracked or Broken Teeth? 

  • History of fall.
  •  Punch or blow to the teeth.
  • Using the teeth to open bottle caps.
  • Sudden forceful biting.

What Are The Types of Trauma To The Teeth? 

  • Craze lines.
  • Fractured cusp.
  • vertical root fracture. 
  • cracked tooth.
  •  split tooth.
  • Mobility. 

What Are The Treatment Options for Broken or Cracked Teeth? 

Treatment options for cracked or Broken tooth include:

Fragment Attachment:

If you have ever experienced a trauma resulting in the breakage of the edge of the tooth fragment and luckily you have managed to save the fragment then you can bring it to the clinic immediately. The dentist will bond it with the crown. This can be done by composite a filling material. 

Composite Bonding:

One of the most Common broken tooth treatment in Dubai is attaching a small amount of composite to the broken edge. Composite restoration treatment is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a complete series of steps. The dentist will first file off the edge to be bonded to make a smooth surface. A 30% phosphoric acid is used as an acid etchant. The acid allows adhesion of the composite filling with the tooth. It is then washed and dried and another bonding agent more like a gel is applied onto the surface and is then wiped off. The composite filling material is then gently placed over the surface and is shaped according to the anatomy of the tooth.

Dental Veneers: 

Dental Veneers are another better option for the repair of a Broken tooth.  Dental veneers are a plastic like film/coating that are placed onto the surface for filling up the spaces, hiding broken edges, pitting and concealing imperfections. The treatment procedure involves cleaning the surface and making it free of any plaque.  Next, the impression is taken for the formation of dental veneers. Once the impression is ready the veneers are fabricated according to the dimensions of the teeth and gently placed over the culprit tooth. A light emitting device is used to cure the area in case of composite veneers. 

Crown Placement:

If the extent of the damage is greater and has involved the pulp that is responsible for the pain perception then a root canal treatment is done over the tooth and is then devitalized. The Root canal is always completed after the Crown placement and so the tooth will then receive a Crown placement to hide the broken fragment or damage.  It is a very complex procedure and you need to approach the best dental clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in order to get  this treatment done like in our Dynamic Clinic. 

Tooth Replacement:

 If the trauma has caused the major portion of your crown damage that has also involved the roots then the only  thing a dentist will perform is that he or she will extract it out and will replace it with a better option. the best Tooth replacement methods are:

  •  Bridges.
  •  Partial dentures. 

Dental Implants:

If your tooth has started to become mobile or is moving extensively after a hit or a fall then unfortunately the first and foremost thing the dentist will do is to extract the tooth immediately to prevent any infection.  After the healing of the socket the best treatment and the one having long term effects are dental implants, they replace the tooth by restoring and also maintaining the functional integrity as well as improving the aesthetics. 

What Is The Cost Of A Cracked or Broken Tooth in Dubai? 

The cost of teeth fracture in Dubai is variable, it starts from 250 AED till 8,000 AED.  depending upon the type of treatment recommended by the dentist. 

The Final Verdict! 

It is important to report to the dentist immediately whenever you have fallen and traumatized your tooth. If left untreated it will also damage the neighboring teeth without any reason. You can approach our Dynamic Clinic as it is one of the best dental Clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where all kinds of dental problems are treated at any time of the day.