Why Should You Go For Ear Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Quick Facts:

Ear Surgery in Dubai is basically done to tackle protruding ears

  • During surgery, the surgeon operates on the delicate structures of the ear including cartilage, and skin, so it may take a lot of time to fully recover from it
  • For the most part, it’s performed for cosmetic reasons, but in some cases, it becomes a medical necessity. For example, to avoid or tackle complications like brain infections, balance concerns, and hearing loss, you have to consider otoplasty

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What is Ear Surgery?

It is an aesthetic procedure that changes the appearance of the ears. In general, people that are self-conscious about how much their ears stick out consider this kind of cosmetic procedure.

It corrects structural abnormalities of the ear, restoring facial symmetry and balance.

During operation, the plastic surgeon can use local and general anesthesia depending on the changes that are desired. Just so you know, desired results can influence the place of the incision too.

Should I Consider This?

If protruding ears really bother you, otoplasty can be the only way to feel beautiful and boost confidence. But first, talk with the surgeon about what to expect during and after the operation. In fact, make sure that you discuss all the details, even small ones with him.

Note: Perfect candidates for ear surgery are those who are healthy and aged 5 or older.

What Happens at the Initial Consultation Appointment?

At the first appointment, the surgeon will disclose all the details of the surgery to you. Plus, he will review the changes you’d like to have and will do your physical examination in order to evaluate you as a candidate for the operation. The size, shape, and position will be carefully observed to find out what type of modifications may be possible and what treatment should you receive. The practitioner may also take photographs of the ear to help further explore the facial symmetry, desired results, and treatment options.

Just so you know, you should come to the clinic fully prepared to discuss your complete medical history including details on previous cosmetic surgeries, medications, health concerns, and allergies.

How to Prepare for the Operation:

The good news: Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, the preparation for otoplasty is relatively straightforward. Read on:

As with other surgical procedures, there are few measures to take to ensure a smooth, speedy, and complication-free recovery.

  1. Most importantly, you should stop taking antibiotics and blood thinners a week before the operation
  2. It’s standard practice to ask patients to be realistic regarding the surgery outcomes.
  3. You should stop taking red vine, or any alcohol-based products for at least a month
  4. Last but not least, avoid consuming nicotine for at least ten to fifteen days

What’s the Operation Like?

Most ear surgeries are performed via an incision hidden inside the ear. The surgeon alters the position, and size of the underlying skin tissues and cartilage to make the desired changes. For your information, there will be mild pain during the entire process. However, you might be given some oral medications to control this pain.

Things to Know About Recovery of Otoplasty:

After surgery, your ears will be pretty tender. The surgeon may ask to take medications for several days to control this tenderness.

Most patients are able to return to work within a month after the operation

Remember that, doctors usually prefer stitches removed in their clinic but if the stitches are dissolvable, you should stay at home

The Outlook:

If protruding Ears are causing psychological distress, then You Should Go For Ear Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. It can optimize facial symmetry and boost confidence by making the ears smaller and balanced.

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