Mouth Guards In Dubai

When sportsmen or athletes get a blow or hit on their mouth their teeth get badly affected. Each and every time a player has to play a match, he should wear a mouth guard for the safety of his jaw and teeth. It may not look very pleasing but wearing a mouth guard while playing is as important as anything else. A mouthguard is a lifesaver in terms of /teeth and their associated structures. It can prevent trauma to the mouth that may be unavoidable. In UAE it is mandatory for the players to wear Mouth Guards In Dubai and they are not allowed to play without them.

Why Are Mouth Guards Important For Athletes?

Athletes and sports players are very prone to injuries occurring in the mouth. There are reconstructive surgeries available for the face but not for the teeth. Teeth when once gone are gone forever. They then need an artificial replacement.

  •  In order to prevent mishaps and injuries.
  • To sleep peacefully during the night.
  • To keep teeth grinding habit at bay.
  • To prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth during sleeping.

Who Can Wear Mouth Guards Other Than Athletes?

1. People With The Habit Of Bruxism:

Bruxism is another name for night grinding. It is better to start using mouthguards in Dubai if you also find yourself grinding your teeth while sleeping.

2. Players With Braces:

When you have braces on it is very important to care for them. Athletes or players who have orthodontic braces should wear mouthguards while playing to prevent their braces from getting injured and fractured.

3. People Who Have A Habit Of Day Time Chewing:

People who have Parkinson’s disease or anxiety disorders often have the habit of daytime chewing. They may not be doing it consciously as it is an involuntary action. Giving them a mouthguard can slowly and gradually limit their habit.

Which Type Of Mouthguard Is Best For Athletes?

Generally, there are three types of mouthguards available:

  1. Stock-made mouthguards.
  2. Boil and bite mouthguards.
  3. Custom-made mouthguards.

Out of all the above custom-made mouthguards are ideal. This is because they are made according to the size and accuracy of the wearer’s mouth. The highest-selling sports mouthguards in Dubai are the Custom made mouthguards. They are much more comfortable than any other mouthguard.

What Is The Difference Between Mouth Guards And Night Guards Splints?

Mouth guards are made of silicon or rubber and are softer. However, Night Guards Splint In Dubai is made of plastic appliances.

The traditional mouth guards are very resistant to fracture and do not break off easily. Whereas the night guard splints are fragile and prone to breakage as compared to the conventional mouth guards.

What Are The After Cares Of Mouth Guards?

When you are given a mouthguard in Dubai your main goal should be to protect the mouthguard from germs and bacteria. Soak it in water whenever not in use. It is better to soak it in warm water as the bacteria are sensitive to hot water.

Brush your night guard splint in Dubai before wearing it at night to remove debris.  Our team of dentists will guide you about how to take care of your mouth guard so you don’t need to worry about it. we can fix it in case it gets damaged.

Why Is Choosing Us A Better Option?

We at DYNAMIC AESTHETIC CLINIC have been serving the nation for years. The Mouth guards in Dubai we have given to the patients never came up with any complaints yet. We assure you to keep up our promise of looking after your smile.