mouth guards in dubai

Do you know that your teeth are as important as your body? You wear sunblock to protect your skin from sunburn and tanning. If you care for your teeth similarly you will be able to prevent them from fracture and wear off. The most common reason for the wear and tear of the surface of the teeth is grinding. Some people are habitual of grinding teeth irrespective of day and night. It is an involuntary action and hence requires immediate action. In such cases your dentist will provide you with a mouth guard in Dubai. A dental technician is as skillful as a dentist but only a dentist knows the exact science and theory for the fabrication of a mouth guard.

Why Do You Require A Dentist For A Mouth Guard?

A dentist invests about 4 good years in the learning and academics for dentistry. It is fairly more as compared to the study a dental technician or a lab assistant would do. Secondly only a dentist knows the exact anatomy and functions of the mouth and its associated structures. The mouth guards cost in Dubai depends upon the type and profile of the dentists. The reason why a dentist can produce a good mouth guard is because:

  • Only a dentist has sound knowledge about the anatomy of the mouth.
  • A dentist knows about the after effects of the mouth guards.
  • Any infliction or damage caused by mouth guard can be identified by a dentist only .
  • Your dentist can diagnose any disease in your oral cavity before giving  a mouth guard.

Why Are Mouth Guards Important?

Mouth guards in Dubai have become very common. This is because people are becoming aware of the damage habits and certain activities can do to the set of teeth. Following are some conditions that seek urgent requirement of a mouth guard:

  • Night time grinding while sleeping .
  • Continuous habit of chewing and grinding the teeth during the day time  .
  • While playing sports that may cause hitting on the mouth .
  • Excessive wear off of the surface of the teeth  .

How Much Does A Mouth Guard Cost In Dubai?

If you want a treatment that controls your night grinding habit and also prevents the rubbing of your teeth surfaces then come to us. We will provide you with a mouth guard. On average, mouth guard cost in Dubai ranges from 750 AED to 2000 AED which is fairly affordable for everyone. The reason why we have kept the prices so low is because we believe that patients should seek the right treatment without having to worry about the cost.

What Types Of Mouthguards Does A Dentist Prescribe?

The type of mouth guard to be given is based on the ease of the patient, his/her affordability and comfort. Ideally three types of mouth guards are given by a dentist:

  1. Stock MouthGuards.
  2. Boil-and-Bite.
  3. Custom-Fitted.

What Are The Post Cares After Getting A Mouth Guard?

  • Soak it in water during the day time when you are not wearing it .
  • Use mouth guard washing tablets to prevent bacterias from seating on the mouth guard .
  • Check whether it is getting loose or tight over time.

What Happens If You Lose Your Mouth Guard?

We at Enfield Royal clinic are always ready to serve our loyal patients. If you have already bought a mouth guard from us then luckily the departmental staff will have all the details. A new mouth guard will be offered to you without you having to visit us. This is because the dental department keeps the records of sizes of every patient.

Why Choose Us!

Still confused ?  Our dental department has been providing mouth guards in Dubai for a very long time. Our loyal patients alway re visit us in case they need new mouth guards. So far none of our patients had any ill concerns nor had they reported any complaints yet.