Do Mouth Guards Keep Your Mouth Open?Whenever people are given mouth guards a series of questions start running in their mind.  Like, will the mouth guard be painful? Will it be soft? Will I look ugly? Will it keep my mouth open?. Among all the major concerns we have come across with is do mouth guards keep the mouth open? Mouth guards in Dubai are very commonly being used.

The main function of a moth is to protect your teeth from the ill habits you normally have. Night grinding is a habit that leads to the wear off of the surfaces of the tooth. If you wear a night guard splint in dubai you can minimize the effects of night grinding on the teeth. People believe in the myth that mouth guards keep the mouth open. However, this is not completely true. The opening and closing of the mouth depend on the type of mouth guard used.

The stock mouthguards are the conventional rubber based mouth guards that are big and keep the mouth open. This is because they are not made according to the exact size of the patient. Like the sports mouth guards in Dubai.

On the other hand, custom made mouthguards are the exact fit according to the patient’s mouth. It closes the mouth completely because it approximates the teeth when brought in contact. If you are looking for mouth guards in Dubai then you should go for customized mouth guards.


How to choose a mouth guard?

The best answer to that is leave it to your dentist. Your dentist can best decide which type of mouthguard you should have.

Stock mouth guard

If you are an athlete or a sportsperson then you can go for a stock mouth guard. It is a bigger and rubber based mouth guard. They don’t have any carving and curvatures according to your teeth and mouth.

Boil and bite mouth guard

It is somewhat similar to that of stock mouth guard but has a slight variation. When you bite the plate while it’s hot, it takes the impression of the teeth.

Customized mouth guards

They are the best mouth guards in Dubai. They do not even keep their mouths open. This is because they are the exact replica of the teeth and their associated structures.


  • Protect your teeth from injuries while playing sports
  • Prevent you from the night teeth grinding habit
  • Protect your smile from the dust and damage
  • Protect your braces if you have them


  • Require a lot of after care
  • Should be kept safely
  • once lost then you have to go through the same process again

The bottom line

We at Enfield Royal clinic are always pleased to serve valuable customers. We have been performing various dental treatments both cosmetic and general. Our patients are very delighted with all our services and staff. Apart from that our dental appliances such as sports mouth guards in Dubai have been the best-selling ever since it was started.

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