Mouth Guard In Dubai

Your teeth are one of the most valuable and essential gems. Once lost cannot be regained. Another thing, taking care of them is your prime duty. Certain habits and activities can be threatening to your teeth. Habits like night grinding, teeth chewing, open mouth while etc, are all that can contribute to erode off the upper surface of your teeth. They eventually become more susceptible to fracture and welcome bacteria easily. Using mouth guards in such cases is a holy grail .They protect your teeth from the fracture, especially sports players who are at greater risk of it. We at Enfield Royal Clinic are fabricating some of the cost effective Mouthguards in Dubai. 

Why have Mouth Guards become so Important? 

We as humans have some habits that are harmful for our teeth. Little do we know that gnot abandoning such habits can lead to major and serious problems. Some of the common habits include:

Grinding teeth during the night without knowing about it, 

  • Chewing teeth while doing something with attention 
  • Keeping their mouth open while sleeping  
  • Having a habit of keeping pencils and pens in between the teeth and grinding it. 

The above all collectively hamr the oral cavity and the shape and figure of the teeth. Not just it, they also hinder the functions of the teeth. 

When mouthguards in Dubai are given they protect the teeth effectively. They minimize the chances of fracture while being hit accidently, maintain the color and integrity of the tooh, prevent bacteria from entering, keep cavities at bay and control sensitivity from hot and cold. 

Types of Mouthguards used in Dentistry ? 

Sports mouth guards in Dubai are fairly similar to the conventional mouth guards. However the sports mouth guards are slightly bigger. On conventional basis the types of mouth guard for protecting the teeth are:

  • Stock made mouthguards 
  • Boil and bite mouth guard 
  • Custom-made mouth guards 

Stock Made Mouth Guard: 

The mouth guards which do not require any dental visit neither is the exact size of the wearer. It is available easily and is made on a standard size. Stock made mouthguards do not require impressions and are less expensive than any other mouthguards. They are mostly used by sports persons. They are not very comfortable hence used only in cases of extreme needs. 

Boil and Bite Mouth Guard:

The second and slightly better mouthguard is the boil and bite mouth guard. The process includes boiling the guard material in a hot water, once it reaches a doughable stage, it is then molded through the tongue and fingers. In Comparison to stock mouthguards they give a good fit. However, they still cannot beat the precision and accuracy of custom made mouth guards. 

Custom fit Mouth Guards:

Among all these are the best mouth guards. They can also be used for sports mouth guards in Dubai. The process through which they are made is complex and lengthy but at the end it is worth the wait. An initial impression is taken by the dentist. The mouth guard is then replicated following  the oral structures and curvature. 

The reason why they are considered as best is because they can also be chosen as night guard splint it in Dubai.

What are the Pros and Cons of having Mouth Guards?


  • Protect your teeth from blunt trauma 
  • Prevent night grinding 
  • Provide pain relief in the morning that occurs because of teeth grinding overnight 
  • Maintains the shine and color of the teeth 


  • Needs to be cleaned often to protect from bacterial contamination 
  • Once lost then needs to go through a long lengthy procedure once again for refabrication. 

Who is Advised to Wear Mouth Guards?

  • Children who play and are at high risk of falling and tripping 
  • Athletes and sportspersons 
  • People who are habitual of continuously grinding their teeth. 

Why choose us ? 

 If you want mouth guards in Dubai then come to us we are pleased to provide you with our polished services. Rest assured that you receive a peaceful sleep and wake up pain free and healthy in the morning.