hairline lowering


A proportionally large forehead can be due to a high hairline. People who bear a high hairline or broad forehead may find it distressing to their self-consciousness, affecting self-esteem and confidence. If you’ve attempted a variety of hairstyles to disguise your large brow or even tried to hide it with hats or scarves, it’s time to go on to the next phase of hairline treatment in Dubai. You can lower the height of your forehead with hairline surgery to get a more balanced appearance and feel more attractive and confident.

Forehead Reduction Surgery:

Hairline lowering surgery, also known as forehead reduction, is a procedure that lowers the hairline, reduces the height of the forehead, and corrects normal temple recession to give the appearance of a more rounded hairline.

This type of plastic surgery is frequently paired with a brow lift or brow contouring surgery. Hair transplant in Dubai may sometimes be required in cases of extensive hairline recession or male pattern baldness, either alone or in conjunction with hairline lowering surgery.

Candidates for Forehead Reduction Surgery:

Forehead reduction surgery can balance the proportions of one’s entire facial structure. If you have any of the following conditions, you may qualify for forehead reduction surgery:

  •       A high hairline that you would like to lower.
  •       If you have low or thick brows and wish to modify your face’s proportions.
  •       If you have lately undergone a hair grafting treatment and want to make your hairline more prominent.

However, not everyone is a good candidate for forehead reduction surgery, even with these requirements.

 Patients must first have sufficient scalp flexibility in order to have a successful forehead reduction operation.


Forehead reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia to minimize discomfort and bleeding.

The surgeon will use a surgical skin marker to mark the hairline and the region of the forehead that will be excised. The hair follicles and nerves are preserved by cutting along the hairline with great care.

An incision is created along the hairline and designated region of the forehead. The surgeon will take off the area that has been identified for excision after carefully separating the skin from the connective tissue beneath it.

The hairline incision is then pushed down and joined to the forehead incision. This narrows the chasm and shortens the brow.

The skin is sutured together and is completely concealed by the hairline as it grows back during the recovery process.

Recovery Time:

3 to 5 days of moderate pain or discomfort is expected after a forehead reduction surgery. After 1 to 2 weeks, patients can resume their usual everyday activities. However, they must refrain from rigorous exercise or strenuous activities, especially physical sports, for at least six weeks.

Patients must return for follow-up sessions on a regular basis to confirm that the healing process is proceeding well and that no issues have emerged. The sutures used to seal the wounds will be carefully removed at one of these sessions.

Cost of Forehead Reduction Surgery:

Before giving you an estimate of the costs, most cosmetic surgeons will need to schedule a consultation. The cost of surgery varies based on several factors, including the surgeon’s expertise, the length of the surgery, and hospital facilities.

Side Effects and Risks:

Every surgical treatment entails some level of risk. The following are some of the hazards associated with forehead reduction surgery:

  •       Bruising during and following the surgery.
  •       Anaphylaxis to either general or local anesthesia.
  •       Infection at the location of the incision.
  •       Nerve damage due to poor surgical skills or type of anesthetic administered.
  •       Hair loss in areas where the hairline has been shaved.
  •       Scarring after the incision has healed.

The advantages of forehead reduction surgery exceed the hazards for the vast majority of people. The chance of a noticeable scar and long-term damage is minimal if an experienced, trained practitioner conducts the operation.

 Benefits of Forehead Reduction Surgery:

Men and women who desire to realign their hairline closer to their eyebrows can benefit from a hairline lowering procedure. The following are examples of possible benefits that accompany the procedure: 

  •       An improved and proportional face due to a 3/4th inch or more reduction in the size of the forehead.
  •       Minimal scarring is involved after the procedure as hair regrowth hides the scars.
  •       Rapid results after a short recovery period.
  •       It improves a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  •       The results look natural.
  •       Gives the patients an improved hairline.

Alternative Treatments:

There may be alternative solutions if you believe you are not a good candidate for forehead reduction surgery.

Brow Lift:

A brow lift may be an alternative option to forehead reduction surgery if your forehead appears longer due to low brows.

To raise the brows higher on the face, this method includes manipulating the muscles or repositioning the skin of the brow region. Lifting the brows might make the forehead look shorter in some situations.

Hair Transplantation:

Hair grafting, or hair transplantation, may be an option if your forehead seems longer due to a high hairline.

The follicles from the rear of the scalp are transplanted along the front of the hairline in this process. This method can also be used to reduce the width of the brow.

Final Words!

Therefore, a forehead reduction is suitable for various candidates who have a more prominent forehead. Hairline lowering surgery is also considered to be a hair loss treatment in Dubai. If hair loss patients have concerns about undergoing an invasive surgery such as forehead reduction, they can opt for alternative non-invasive treatments such as PRP in Dubai. If you want to gain more confidence and stop hiding behind hairstyles and hats, contact Dynamic Clinic and make an appointment with us today.