What are the Risks of Getting an Abdominoplasty

While it is a relatively safe plastic surgery procedure but as with any surgical treatment, it involves some risks. It may influence social as well as the psychological aspect of the sufferer. Well, every patient should be aware of all the complications and risks of abdominoplasty before considering it. Further, a huge knowledge of prevention and means of management is also important. It should be noted that most post-op complications are preventable and reduced by good wound care and effective problem management techniques. And this is often considered the best thing about this surgical procedure. Moreover, consultation with the doctor prior to the surgery surely can help prevent major side-effects and botched upshots. The treatment plan should be designed based on the patient’s goal in such a way that it zero-downs the patient’s dissatisfaction and complications.


A tummy tuck is a continuously evolving practice and for this reason, it has come across a lot of advances, making it capable of producing more natural-looking outcomes. But like other surgeries, problems may occur and might make the tummy tuck recovery challenging for both the patient and the surgeon. With technological advances, the number of cosmetic procedures is becoming increasingly popular, and therefore, several new practices have also been identified up to date. Most notably, due to the high demand for this surgery, many inexperienced doctors have performed it and consequently has significantly increased the number of complications.

Throughout the blog, you will learn about what are the risks of getting an Abdominoplasty in Dubai.

An unusual, uncommon adverse event is known as a complication. And it demands a modification in methodology. Since this treatment is is highly invasive, its complications can badly affect the outcomes. Hence, it’s very important to be familiar with all the possible side-effects, risks, techniques for management, and prevention. Risks of a tummy tuck can be classified as follow:

General Complications:

The following are common complications that arise after tummy tuck Dubai

This surgery is usually done under general anesthesia or deep sedation. So there is always a chance of anesthesia side-effects. You may feel sick, and cold for a few days. Further, headaches, itching, bruising, and soreness is very common after it. You can reduce these side-effects with pain relievers and ice packs. In severe cases, counseling and discussion about the recovery with the doctor are needed.

Seroma can occur. This involves the collection of fluid building up beneath the skin. However, the doctor can prevent this complication by placing drainage tubes after finishing the operation.

Swelling and soreness often occur instantly after the surgery, particularly if it’s too invasive. The good thing is that these two side-effects can be easily controlled. You can utilize pain relievers (but only those that are prescribed by the surgeon)

Poor and very slow wound repair is a common complication. This may occur due to infection, bacteria, trauma, etc. But thankfully, there are a few simple and easy ways to speed up wound healing. These include:

  1. Good nutrition
  2. Avoiding smoke
  3. Getting adequate rest
  4. Staying physically active
  5. Keeping the wounds covered

Incision scar is another common but major complication as it can last forever. The length and perceptibility of scars vary from candidate to candidate depending on the type of tummy tuck surgery performed. Scar revision is an option but it cannot be done until you are fully healed. For more details about the techniques for scar reduction, consult a surgeon.

Localized infections may occur following the surgery. During a tummy tuck, several incisions are created in the abdomen to reposition the abdomen tissues so there is always a chance of infection.

What Should I Do After Getting this Surgery?

It is typically performed under general anesthesia, so you may need to stay at the hospital for 24 to 48 hours. In these two days, the surgical team will better assess the overall behavioral health impairment and check how smoothly you are recovering from it. Anyway, while returning from the hospital, you will be given a list of instructions to follow,

A tummy tuck is a major surgery so the recovery may not be easy-going. However, for at least three months, you should be more careful while moving around. It’s worth avoiding strenuous exercises and bad lifestyle changes that can make the recovery slow. Do not sleep in a position that can pressure the incision zone. Further, wearing a supportive garment around the abdomen is mandatory. You should wear it for at least two weeks after having the surgery. Don’t miss schedule follow-up visits since your health status will be assessed in these sessions.

Wrapping Up:

Most of the side-effects and post-op complications of Abdominoplasty are preventable and manageable.  Proper management, consultation sessions help a patient avoid these negative effects. Bodytite scarless abdominoplasty was introduced to avoid complications linked to traditional abdominoplasty. Though it is a relatively safe technique for reducing excess skin, it can result in patient dissatisfaction, especially if done by an inexperienced practitioner. Therefore, the selection of a good surgeon for this type of surgery is of utmost importance. This means complications can be prevented by asking him a few questions including education, training and publications, and board certifications and awards.

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