Warts Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Warts on the face are very displeasing to see . What’s the point of doing flawless makeup on the skin when it is hindered by spots and blemishes like warts? They have raised bumps and cannot be removed by any sort of creams or gels.  Warts can be removed by something that is very sharp because they are deeply embedded beneath the skin.  We use treatments like lasers for warts removal in Dubai. They are very beneficial in removing warts in just a single go.

What Are Warts?

 Warts are raised skin-colored bumps that appear on the skin. They are made of thin flesh and can appear on any part of the body; the most common areas witnessed are the hands, fingers, face, and feet. They are not age-related and hence can occur to anyone. Unlike cancerous bumps, warts are not harmful but aesthetics are the only concern. 

 What Are The Causes Of  Warts?

 The causes of words include: 

  • HPV virus
  •  It occurs when skin gets cuts or scratches, especially when a nail hangs out from the cuticle and it creates a way for warts to occur. 
  •  People with eczema are also very prone to getting warts.  This is basically because eczema forms on dry skin. Dry eczematous skin facilitates the formation of warts on the skin.
  •  exchange of objects like tissues and towels or cloth can also transmit warts from one person to another.
  • It is also believed that genital warts can be transmitted through sexual contact.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Warts? 

  • Appear as tiny bumps or a single bump that is flesh colored white, pink or brown.
  •  Warts appear irregularly or spherical in shape with tiny projections on them.
  • They are very hard and rough when touched
  • Very hard and rough when touched some of them may have tiny blood vessels that look black in color
  •  Slight pain
  •  Discomfort and uneasiness
  •  Bumps especially around the mouth, eyes and nose. 

What Are The Treatment Options For Warts?

There are servals treatment options for warts are following:

Creams and Gels:

There are certain wart paints or gels that have chemical agents that can remove warts, however, they are already less effective because warts need to be removed from the root.   Creams and gels can only eradicate them from the superficial surface of the skin.


 Cryotherapy is a medical treatment that involves freezing. Temperature is dropped to such an extent that it can restrict and freeze the growth of the wart and a tiny blister-like bump is formed within the wart that is expected to fall off within a few days. 


 An electrocautery procedure involves the use of a device that has electrical impulses and the device is a pen-like structure it is run over the wart.  and it smoothens the bump by clearing it off.

 Laser treatment:

 In the case of warts removal in Dubai, lasers are the most trending and effective treatment for them.  They are less harmful compared to the other treatments. The best thing about them is the healing does not take ages, unlike the other treatments. Lasers treatment shrinks the blood vessels present within warts. Eventually, the destructive blood supply causes dryness of the bump and it falls off. 

What Are The Preventive Measures For Warts?

 If you follow the guidelines for the prevention of what it is very likely that you cannot get them: 

  • Cut your nails properly without leaving any cuticle open
  • Avoid sharing towels and tissues with someone already having warts. 
  • Never ever prick or try to break your warts using your hands 
  • Cover it with a wart bandage, especially when wearing a tightly fitted shoe 

How Much Does Warts Treatment Cost? 

You can directly call us for concerns related to warts removal costs in Dubai

The Bottom Line!

If you have raised bumps like warts naturally then you should not try to get rid of them. However, warts that have appeared gradually over time do require warts removal in Dubai. Book an appointment with us and thank yourself later on!