Velashape 3 offer dubai

Losing weight through exercises and workout is not the thing for everyone. In some cases people do succeed and they shed off massive kgs and pounds. However this Cellulite and the sagging skin still persists. A Vela shape three treatment is the right hit through which the Cellulite can be reduced and the candidate can receive an overall toned body with diminished fat depositions. let’s dig in to learn more about a VelaShape 3 Dubai and its offers. 

What is a Velashape 3?

Vela shape 3 is one of the most trending treatments of Dubai. The reason why it is highly successful is because of the promising results and its cost effectiveness.  The velashape 3 actually targets the Cellulite and helps in the tightness of the skin. It uses a combination and collection of multiple technologies such as the radio frequency and vacuum. 

The mode of action of the treatment includes heating the fat cells that are deeply penetrated and consist of a hard fibrous tissue surrounding it.  The end results show a skin that is perfectly toned and the fat tissue is getting completely diminished.

What are the Benefits Offered by Velashape 3?

  •  Satisfies patient of all the age groups.
  •  Is approved by the board of physicians.
  •  Does not have any destructive side effects.
  •  The treatment is completely painless and does not cause any harm to the structures of the body.
  •  Deeply penetrates into the skin reaching up to the innermost layer.
  •  Helps in the induction of collagen.
  •  Proven results from the very first session.
  •  Does not restrict you with any kind of activities after the treatment.

How Successful is Velashape in Dubai?

According to the data collected from the feedback of the candidates who have taken velashape through Dubai has concluded that the success rate of this treatment is about 93%. This surely indicates that it has been an excellent treatment in terms of weight and Cellulite reduction. 

How Can One Prepare for the Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai?

The following are the methods enlisted for the preparation prior to the velashape 3 treatment: 

  • You must stop taking any blood thinners such as heparin, warfarin or aspirin prior to the day or three days before the surgery
  •  Avoid using any kind of cleansers or fragranced moisturizers at the treatment site
  •  When you are about to leave for your surgery, where a loose clothing that do not restrict air movements
  •  drink plenty of water in order to keep yourself hydrated
  •  If you are on regular medications then seek advice from your physician so that you can acknowledge whether you can continue them during the surgery or not. 

How Many Sessions Are Required for a Velashape in Order to Get Best Results?

According to the weight loss specialist, ideally 6 sessions are required in order to achieve the maximum results. However, candidates who have taken three consecutive sessions have also seen promising results. First, you need to repeat the treatment for around six months to attain optimum results.

Velashape 3 Dubai Offers:

Moving on towards the Vela shape 3 Cost in Dubaihere are some velashape 3 Dubai offers that will help you to decide which package suits you best.

  • Single session per area: 500 AED.
  • 3 sessions: 1,300 AED.
  • 6 sessions:  2,400 AED.
  • 12 sessions: 4,500 AED.

 The Final Verdict!

Get your hands on the VelaShape 3 Dubai and notice drastic changes and results within just a few days. You will be excited to see yourself a lot more refreshed, revived and beautiful than before. Grab the offers right now since we are running out of slots. Call on our toll free number and avail a free consultation instantly.