Sculpting Sophistication with Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai

Body contouring is an extremely popular point these days. because everyone wants to be thin. However, weight reduction through exercise and action isn’t viable any longer. since it takes up half of your busy schedule. With the introduction of VelaShape 3 Treatment, Dubai’s avant-garde solution for body contouring and cellulite reduction, sculpting sophistication has reached new heights in the ever-evolving field of beauty and aesthetics. In Dubai, a cosmopolitan city where sophistication meets innovation, this ground-breaking technology has been making waves.

Sculpting Sophistication with Velashape 3 Treatment. We explore the complexities of current excellence norms. VelaShape 3 arises as an encouraging sign for those trying to shape their optimal body. This progressive innovation makes you ready for body shaping. Enabling people to embrace their actual magnificence.

What is a Velashape 3 Treatment?

It is astounding progress in the cellulite evacuation system. because it demonstrates cost-effectiveness and promising results. The treatment works to reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. It involves combining and aggregating a variety of technologies. including vacuum and radiofrequency. The treatment penetrates hard, fibrous tissue to burn the fat patches. The procedure smoothes and enhances the body’s couture. The transformative power of sculpting sophistication is waiting for you when you enter the world of Laser Treatment.

What are the Advantages?

The procedure solves a lot of problems related to obesity. It works best on cellulite. The procedure has the following significant advantages of Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai

  • All ages benefit from the treatment.
  • A medical board has given its approval to the procedure.
  • The method makes no side impacts.
  • The procedure does not cause any harm to the body’s structures and is painless.
  • It likewise enters the skin, arriving at the most profound layers.
  • It also contributes to the production of collagen.
  • The outcomes of the first session are delivered by the procedure.
  • You are not limited from doing anything after the strategy.
  • The treatment upgrades the magnificence of your body.
  • By smoothing the skin’s surface, it helps get rid of cellulite.
  • The treatment improves the skin’s structure and texture.
  • The treatment makes you look younger and makes you feel better about yourself.

What can be Treated with the Method?

It is a treatment for Cellulite Reduction and body contouring that can be used on any part of the body where stubborn fat deposits and cellulite are common. The following are some of the primary treatment areas:

  • Abdomen: It can help sculpt a flatter and more toned midsection by reducing localized fat deposits and tightening skin laxity in the abdominal region.
  • Thighs: Cellulite and loosening of the skin are most common in the inner and outer thighs. Cellulite can be effectively treated with VelaShape 3 and the thighs’ overall shape can be improved.
  • Buttocks: Cellulite and excess fat in the buttocks can be treated with VelaShape 3, giving the area a firmer and smoother appearance.
  • Arms: As people get older, the upper arms are another area where fat and loose skin can form. The skin can be tightened and toned with VelaShape 3, reducing the appearance or sagging.
  • Flanks (Extra layers): The flanks, generally referred to as stomach cushions, are regions where an abundance of fat will in general gather, frequently impervious to counting calories and exercise.
  • Back: The treatment can reduce excess fat and improve skin texture, creating a contour that is smoother and more defined in the back, including the bra line.
  • Knees: Traditional methods can be difficult to use to get rid of fat deposits around the knees. These areas can be targeted with a method, that helps to improve leg contours and reduce bulges. Because each person’s needs and treatment objectives may differ from these target areas, a consultation with a qualified provider is necessary.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Vacuum technology is used synergistically at VelaShape 3 in Dubai. Additionally, energies in the infrared (IR) and bipolar radio frequency (RF). It assists with controlling your skin and the intensity of fat cells inside the cellulite therapy region. The precise heating guarantees that there will be no downtime and that the treatment will be safe. The steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • After examining the area, the expert will clean it.
  • A gel or oil will be applied to the treatment area by the practitioner.
  • It will assist with expanding the viability of the treatment.
  • Additionally, it guarantees the Velashape 3 applicator’s smooth operation.
  • The master will utilize the gadget over the treatment region.
  • Some techniques will be delivered by the device. 
  • It includes mechanical massage, infrared light, bipolar radiation, and suction.
  • Although most people can tolerate it, applicants will experience the warming sensation.
  • The expert will then walk you through the treatment’s aftercare.

What are the Risks of the Method?

Like other cosmetic procedures, Velashape 3 may cause certain side effects. It is essential to keep in mind that there are few of these side effects. Additionally, they are fleeting. The area can become briefly red. Some people might get a little bruise. The treatment region might be touchy. During the session, some people may experience mild discomfort.

How much does it Cost?

The Cost of Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai is sensible. It isn’t steady since it relies upon many variables. The specifics of the cost are as follows: AED 500 per area for a single session. 3 sessions for AED 1,300. The expense of six meetings is AED 2,400. And AED 4,500 for 12 meetings. Applicants must consult with experts to find out the cost of the method.

Why Choose Us?

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