Is Velashape III Effective

Experience the outstanding results of a Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai. It has shown to bring about proven and profound results in contouring the body and making it more slim and sleek. It is an independent treatment that evolved after multiple researches and studies. A Velashape III Treatment is basically carried out by a device that is non-invasive. Here is all about Velashape and the effectiveness it has on the body and beyond. Stay tuned to learn more….

What is Velashape III Treatment?

A Velashape III Treatment basically uses a complete set of multiple technologies. They are mostly in combination to contour your body, slim down, reduce the cellulite and tighten the problematic areas that exercises cannot help with. It works by disturbing the fat deposited into the skin by tightening and making it a lot more stiff with zero downtime.

Considering the combination of technologies, Velashape 3 basically uses an infrared light, some radio frequency associated energy, and a vacuum. All of these technologies when combined together are targeted onto the fat cells directly and even the surrounding structures. 

The heating system that is generated by the device when it embraces the surface of the fat gently contours the fat cells to help in the induction of new collagen that not only forms the resurfacing of the skin but also improves the overall volume of the body and physical appearance. 

Velashape III: A Gateway to Contoured Body!

The  surgeons present in our Dynamic clinic recommend vela shape 3 treatment especially for the patients for whom exercise and workout is seemingly ineffective. you will be able to see  drastic and cumulative results within a period of time. 

For your knowledge we addressed that well I save tree is not a weight loss treatment, it is rather a body sculpting and controlling method that is normally performed after a person has lost a considerable amount of weight for stop its goal is to enhance the skin but the presence of cellulite and improve the overall structure of the body. 

What does the Treatment Offer?

  • When used over the breast, instantly lifts them up and reduces the sagging
  • Is a mode of a face lifting method and prevent sagging neck 
  • Can be used on the mid-face 
  • Is a secondary treatment to Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck
  • Restrict the presence of belly pouches 
  • Helps in reducing the sagginess of the buttocks, the arms and thighs 
  • Instantly contours the skin that is sagging in any part of the body

What is the Mode of Action of Velashape?

Our dynamic clinic has some specialized technology that Velashape III treatments in Dubai come along with. The technology normally generates heating waves and rays that directly targets the fat accumulated areas as well as the fat that is present underneath the skin.  it melts this fat and the surrounding cells and tissues.  The radio frequency of the Velashape 3 is sufficient enough to shrink the appearance of fat cells and tissues leading to bulges. 

How is Velashape III Treatment performed?

The Vela shape 3 treatment is not indifferent from any other treatment.  It is not having any specialized techniques to be performed.  The treatment is simple and precise.

At first the candidate will be allowed to sit in the comfortable position.  The physician or the specialized professional will then apply the device on the target areas. The device will be placed for 4 to 5 minutes in the target area.  The time noted is different for each site depending upon the amount of cellulite and fat that is stored. Once the device is detached from the body it will be left for the recovery and within a few days you will be able to witness the end results.  

The Results of Velashape III Treatment:

In order to help you analyse the results of Velashape 3 treatment in Dubai, here is some feedback of our clients. We have explained in detail to give an idea about the results. 

Our clients feedback on Velashape III Treatment: 

The treatment is very effective. Especially, if you want to have a slim and contoured body.  It does not help with weight loss but it improves the overall skin condition by making it more slim and less bulky. Finally, it helps in getting rid of the hanging pouches that cannot be removed by any other means.

Cost of Velashape III Treatment:

A single session of Vela shape treatment starts at 699 AED.  However, if you want to know about the Cost of Velashape 3 treatment, then book an appointment with our specialist so that you can be guided accordingly. 

The Final Verdict:

Reveal a perfect body this summer especially if you want to flaunt in the tight fitted dress. We are proud to share the fact with you that a Velashape 3 Treatment will keep up your expectations and will provide you with the promising results you have always been longing for. So What is the wait for just book your appointment and meet the specialist right now.