Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Sherman Oaks

In this technological era, body contouring has become very easy. Ultimately, the butts can also be enhanced today. Different types of FDA approved procedures are available to improve butts, among which non-surgical bum lift is the most commonly used treatment due to its effectiveness, painless nature, and excellent safety profile. Well, in this regard, Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years.

If you are planning to undergo the therapy, you should make sure you understand the results, process, side-effects, and recovery involved.

What is Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks in Dubai?

It is a simple, and long-lasting correction of the body’s ugly burdens (bums). It lifts the sagging skin on the butts to leave your body contoured and beautiful-looking. Another reason why that’s in high demand is that people don’t want to suffer long-recovery times that they face after undergoing surgical procedures. This type of butt enhancement carries fewer to no risks as compared to surgeries. Further, there is no extensive downtime linked to it. Patients begin performing routine activities within a week.

What is this therapy used to treat?

Vacuum therapy is also known as cupping. This therapy improves the person’s appearance by toning and tightening his/her buttocks.  Thankfully, it does not involve the fat transfer or any other type of surgery to produce the desired results. It is simply a massaging technique performed through a mechanical device. When the device is used on the buttocks, it presents excellent skin tightening effects. It enhances muscle functioning, resurfaces the skin, stimulates lymphatic flow, and reduce the appearance of cellulite through the same treatment course. However, it is highly recommended to get multiple sessions in order to enjoy notable changes. Upon course completion, you will have tight, toned, and firm buttocks.

It is Worth It?

While it is trending today, but it’s quite old. In the past, it was a thing to treat scars but after a lot of research, its use in body contouring was identified. People started having this therapy for body toning in the late 1970s. Anyway, besides body toning, it can also be used to reduce cellulite. Another noteworthy upside of this treatment is that any area of the body can be treated. That means you can have this treatment on your face, neck, stomach, legs, thighs, arms, breasts, butts, etc. Moreover, it offers beautiful results with the longest life.

 Who is not Suitable for the Therapy?

  1. People having serious health conditions like diabetes, anemia, cancer, etc. are not usually considered good candidates for the therapy
  2. Individuals before the age of 12 and above the age of 70 cannot receive it
  3. If you recently have had any surgery, wait until you are fully recovered

The only way to properly check if you can get the therapy or not is through a consultation with the therapist


Please note that once you stop receiving the cupping Buttock treatment, the results are likely to go away. The lifting effects will be gone and the skin may return to the condition it was before. So, it can be considered a temporary solution. Anyway, it is not a single session that presents great results, 4 to 8 sessions are needed to see a notable improvement.

Is it Safe?

I think that there is no good option for you except Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi especially if you are looking for a non-invasive body toning treatment. It is an effective, safe, and reliable technique. Though slight bruising, pain, and swelling can occur on the treatment site after the therapy. This inflammation will resolve within 24 hours so there’s nothing to worry about.

How Much Does It Cost?

We cannot give you the exact cost figures since the price is highly variable. It varies based on the extent of the affected area, the practitioner, location of the massaging center, and desired results.

Generally, this therapy is not covered by financial schemes such as insurances, loans, etc. since it is not a medical treatment.

What Should I do before the Therapy?

  1. For at least 4 to 5 hours before the treatment, do not eat anything
  2. Showering before the treatment is very important
  3. Come to the clinic wearing loose-fitting clothing
  4. Tell the therapist if you have any health condition, allergy, infection, etc.

Wrapping Up!

While Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, is an incredible body toning treatment but its effectiveness hasn’t confirmed yet. Anyhow, when it comes to side-effects, it has minimal to zero side-effects. But it’s important to know that you’ll need multiple therapies to get the type of upshots you want. It’s best to consult a Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai prior to the therapy to discuss all the available options.