Cost of Non Surgical Bum Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

People nowadays are getting more conscious about their bum shape and size. People often feel depressed and less confident with their sagging butts. There are several factors that can cause the butt to get slackened and be in an irregular shape. Aging is a major factor that can cause it. Moreover, pregnancy in women also causes the disturbance of hormones that also leads to the weakening of muscles of the bums and causes trouble with shape, size, and sagging. The non-surgical bum lift can help to treat these issues. However, people want to know about Cost of Non Surgical Bum Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah | Price.

What is Non Surgical Bum Lift?

Non-surgical bum lift is a non-meddling procedure that causes no incisions or cuts. Most people opt for this procedure due to its non-intrusive nature. In this procedure, the doctor uses a laser on the butt to make the skin tighten. The laser utilizes infrared light therapy.

The laser light is applied through a circulatory device. He applies the gel to the treatment area to ensure proper absorption and circulation of the infrared radiation. The treatment almost takes 20-30 minutes to complete. However, the doctor transfers the infrared radiation in a circular motion to cover the whole area.


In this procedure, the doctor uses a laser for Non Surgical Bum lift in Dubai. The point of consideration for most people is how can laser help to lift the bum. Our skin contains two protein components that are collagen and elastin. They help the skin to get tighten and strengthen. 

The laser heats up the surface of the buttocks. This heating cause the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Moreover, it also contracts and tightens the existing layers of collagen and elastin. Eventually, helps the buttocks to get tightened and lifted.

  • After ensuring your suitability for the procedure, the doctor cleanses the treatment area.
  • Applies topical anesthesia to reduce discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  • Uses a piece of portable equipment that delivers the laser on the buttocks. This heat travels down to the dermal area and heats it up.
  • This heat will cause the skin and its inner layers to contract and ultimately lift to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • He targets the area multiple times with a laser to achieve desired results.
  • After the procedure completes, the doctor applies a cooling pack to reduce irritation and discomfort.


Laser Treatments are becoming increasingly popular for non-invasive buttock augmentation. This procedure does not cause any sort of side effects. However, the doctors still suggest following some preventive guidelines after the treatment. These aftercare measures not only help you to get more effective and long-lasting results but also assist in making you feel more comfortable with the treatment.

  • Avoid direct exposure to UV radiation in the treatment area. 
  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Make sure to keep the area of buttocks area covered by wearing full articles of clothing for 3-4 days after the treatment.
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise or any other physical activity that could irritate the area.
  • Keep the area of treatment moisturized and hydrated to decrease potential side effects.
  • Apply the cold compress to reduce discomfort and swelling.
  • Complete the follow-up appointments with the doctor as he suggests.

Factors Affecting Cost:

The cost may vary depending on the condition of the patient and the expertise of the doctor. However, there are certain factors that may affect the cost.

  • Credentials of the Doctor:

The cost varies according to the credentials of the doctor. More the qualification and experience of the doctor more he will charge for the treatment. The cost of a doctor’s services is dictated by his experience, credentials, and expertise.

  • Location of the clinic:

The location of a clinic can significantly influence the cost of care. Clinics in more wealthy areas may have greater overhead expenses can result in higher patient fees. Clinics in more rural or underdeveloped locations may have reduced overhead expenses and can thus provide more cheap treatment.

  • Number of sessions for Non Surgical Bum Lift :

The number of sessions totally depends on the condition of the patient. However, it may also affect the cost directly. The greater the number of sessions requires for the treatment, the higher will be the cost for it.

Cost of Non Surgical Bum Lift:

Non-Surgical Bum Lift Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah differs between AED 1,999 to AED 2,999. The cost verily depends on several factors that put a high impact on it. Treatment method, doctor credentials, clinic level, and location, are all these factors that may affect the cost. Following the first consultation and examination of the results, the doctor will establish the final pricing.

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