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The thread lift is a novel, less invasive approach to treating facial laxity and achieving a more youthful facial profile. Thread lifts are a much less dramatic technique than a facelift and bridge the gap between no lift and surgical lift. Not everyone is eager or able to have facelift surgery, but there were no other viable options until the thread lift. Read to know everything about Thread Lift and Sculpting with Meso Threads.

What exactly is a thread lift?

Thread lifting is a cosmetic technique that is less intrusive than facelift surgery.

Thread lifts promise to enhance the skin by injecting healthcare thread substance into the face and tightening the line to “pull” your skin up afterward.

It is also a barbed stitch lift to raise and contour the face shape or chest. Thread lifts employ impermanent, healthcare suture material to “stitch up” your skin, drawing it taut.

Those who cannot get a surgical facelift due to medical issues can explore a thread lift in Dubai.

Types of Thread Lift:

Thread lift using PDO?

A PDO thread lifting in Dubai is a groundbreaking new therapy in cosmetics. However, PDO threads have been used successfully for decades for various uses, including treating gynecological issues and suturing wounds following medical operations. There are many things to remember while using it as aesthetic therapy.

For starters, it causes immediate skin lifting. Second, it constricts adipose tissue, resulting in immediate skin tightening. Third, it stimulates collagen formation and neovascularization, allowing your skin to be renewed at the cellular level. It contributes to improved skin texture, fewer fine lines and creases, and more flexible skin.

Meso Thread Lift:

Skin tightening using spiral Meso thread Dubai is a technical breakthrough. It offers a new way to securely restore face features, tighten/lift skin, firm it, improve volume, and decrease wrinkles. Surgeons inject and compress the Meso threads into specific problem locations.

Mesotherapy threads are laparoscopic threads that are entirely resorbable and are implanted in predefined locations of the cheeks, neck, and torso to strengthen and extend the tissues.

Thread Lift and Sculpting with Meso Threads: 

Thread Lift is a new method for face shaping, lifting, contour straightening, and rejuvenation. It uses sterile bioabsorbable Meso threads for “Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.” This treatment is mainly for individuals who have manifested soft tissue ptosis. Meso threads in Dubai are fragile and made with a substance that provides excellent tolerance and no allergic response.

What may Meso-thread therapy help with?

Meso-threads are entirely biocompatible and are wholly absorbed in 3 to 6 months. Thread lifts could be coupled with other cosmetic procedures like mesotherapy, peels, Botox, or dermal fillers.

Meso-thread therapy can help with:

  • Nasolabial folds. 
  • Creases and fine lines around the lips, not very sharp lip shapes. 
  • Fine lines and sagging skin in the area of the eyes and forehead. 
  • Gravitational weakening of the chin. 
  • Wrinkles and deterioration of the neck. 
  • Loose skin underneath the eyes. 
  • Loose skin on the arms (armpit area). 
  • Stretchmarks.

How does the treatment for Meso-threads work?

The treated region is initially numbed with an anesthetic for our patient’s comfort. As a result, the patient feels no discomfort during the operation. Injections are given in the subcutaneous region with ultra-thin/non-traumatic needles at the targeted places. 

The threads are entirely absorbable and are not visible once put into the subcutaneous tissue. For therapy, around 10–15 Meso-threads are employed (based on the process extent). The operation itself lasts about 30 minutes. Your doctor will always discuss the entire process with you ahead of time. After 2–3 weeks, a noticeable effect is evident.

Cost of Meso Threads

The cost of thread lifting will vary greatly depending on where you reside, how much expertise your practitioner offers, and how numerous locations you intend to treat. The cost of Meso Threads in Dubai is AED 150 (Per thread)

The forehead, jowls, under-eye, and forehead are all skin regions that a thread lift can treat. You can choose to treat a single area or many at once, which will enhance the cost. However, thread lifts to draw up and compress the breasts can be more costly.

Who is an ideal candidate for Meso-thread therapy?

There are almost no age restrictions for Meso-thread procedures. Ideal candidates, on the other hand, are males and females. They can be between the ages of 30 to 60. People who have loosened facial skin, jaw, or browse or have concerns with an overall loss of thickness in the facial skin can also be the candidates. 

Younger customers are also excellent candidates if they want to modify a little about their brows and cheekbones. Anyone who wants to delay the indications of aging might apply for it as a preventative measure.

Downtime for Meso Thread Treatment:

Every patient is unique, as is every skin type. Some individuals may notice slight bruising and itchiness after the procedure, but all sensitivity should go away within two weeks. In addition, some individuals may suffer mild discomfort in the treated locations.

Minor soreness and bruising around the needles were inserted, and the introduced threads may emerge on the treated region. It is due to the high blood flow to these locations. In the event of bruising, the client can take drugs to prevent the formation of hematomas. Small superficial granulomas may form occasionally, but they may be managed with anti-inflammatory lotions and fade quickly.

Throughout the initial two weeks following the treatment, patients may suffer minor restrictions in the movement of the treated regions.

Clients are usually able to resume their normal activities after therapy.

Particular Recommendations:

  • Lay down on the back for the first week after therapy.
  • Use make-up lightly within the first 24 hours after treatment, and the same applies to face-washing methods.
  • Avoid using sunbeds or saunas for three weeks after therapy.
  • For the first three weeks after treatment, minimize face massaging and other therapies, contact sports, dental treatment, excessive facial motions, excessive eating, and yawning.

Benefits of Meso-Thread Treatment

The primary benefits of Meso-Thread Treatment are as follows:

  • The procedure is non-invasive and painless (only done under local anesthesia).
  • An almost instantaneous impact that can continue for up to 2 years.
  • No need for recovery (after surgery, there is no swelling and no bruises).
  • Appropriate for clients of various ages.
  • Non-time-consuming (treatment done within 30 minutes.

Meso Thread Treatment at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic

We will happily spend the time necessary to provide you with a professional, thorough, and realistic consultation. During the examination and consultation stage, the surgeon and the patient jointly determine the procedure’s potential and intended outcomes, including integrating it with other treatments. Please call us right now to get a free consultation at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai.

Final words!

Overall, thread lift and sculpting with meso threads lift is a valuable technique in modern dermatology. It effectively tightens the skin while also lifting it, making it an excellent method of facial rejuvenation. Furthermore, you may attain outstanding anti-aging benefits in a safe, pleasant, and non-invasive manner. It is not only secure but also lasts longer.