Why do People use Thread Lifts?

Aging is a natural process that increases your age year by year. As we grow up and reach the age of adolescence we see our skin holds and we glow the most in those years. But soon after that, we cross those golden days of our lives and see the changes in our bodies. Age is a degenerative process. It degenerates everything including our body structures and organs. Nowadays youngsters are facing this problem due to various factors. They opt for different treatments to make themselves look younger. Nowadays, people opt. for less invasive procedures such as thread lifts for face lifting. You can know about Why People Use Thread Lift in Dubai.

What is a Thread Lift in Dubai?

Thread Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a cosmetic procedure of face lifting. This procedure tightens all the sagged skin of the face. This procedure is simple and serves as the best alternative for a facelift. It is a non-invasive method and you can get a youthful appearance. It works in a way that tightens your sagged skin for up to 1-12 years and gives your face a lifted appearance. 

What is the Procedure for a Thread Lift in Dubai?

Thread lift is also named thread rejuvenation and it is done to lift the sagged skin. This procedure is done by using threads and the doctor insert these threads in the inner layer of the skin and stretch all the sagged skin layer. Thread Lift Treatment in Dubai takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.it is done after the application of local anesthesia to lower the pain and discomfort. Then he will mark the area to be treated with the help of a marker. After the area is marked needles are inserted into the inner cutaneous layer of skin. You have to insert the needles in a way without causing any harm and damage to blood vessels and nerves under your skin. 

After the insertion method, inlay the threads under the skin and you can return back to your home. 

Benefits of Thread Lift in Dubai:

Thread lifts are gaining versatility and popularity due to their numerous benefits. It serves as the best alternative to the Facelift Procedure. The benefits that it gives are as follows:

  • Thread lift is a painless and less invasive method.
  • It gives you instant results and you get your desired facelift.
  • The threads dissolve on their own and you can see face lifting for up to two years.
  • It reduces all the wrinkles and skin folds and tightens all the sagged skin.
  • It gives your youthful appearance and you get tight and smooth skin.
  • Thread Lift is less painful and less expensive than a normal facelift procedure.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.
  • It has no adverse or serious skin side effects.
  • Thread Lift is a scarless procedure and involves no incisions or cuts. 

Results and Recovery:

After the procedure, the patient will feel pain and swelling which is a natural process and is not an alarming situation. This swelling will subside after a couple of days and the patient will recover quickly as compared to the facelift procedure. You need to follow all the measures for effective results. It gives you instant results but the results may vary dispensing on the type of skin, age, and the number of threads used in treatment. The threads used underneath dissolve by themselves and the longevity of results last for about 6 months to two years. 

Steps for Aftercare:

Your healthcare provider will give you some aftercare measures to follow for effective results. Some general precautionary measures that you should follow is

  • Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Avoid direct exposure of your skin to the sun. 
  • It is better that you use sunscreen when you go out. 
  • Do not opt for other laser treatments when the procedure is withheld. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or other fizzy drinks. 
  • Do not smoke as smoking results in the slow healing of wounds. 
  • You can lower the swelling with the help of ice packs.
  • It is advised not to wear make-up for a couple of days after it is done.

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