warts removal in Dubai

Do you feel uneasy with plantar warts? Do you want them to be removed instantly because of the discomfort? That is relatable. Plantar warts are more problematic physically than aesthetically. When pressure is generated on them they often cause pain and discomfort. Dealing with plantar warts is now easier because our clinic is providing the best ways to remove plantar warts experts.

What are Plantar Warts? 

Plantar warts removal in Dubai has moderately raised bumps that are skin-colored. They normally look like a collection of flesh. They are not very harmful but the main thing is that they cause pain, irritation and discomfort. It is common in young people, especially children but it can affect a person of any age. Plantar warts, as the name indicates, are found on the dorsal surface of the foot and on the hands also.  The ones that are present on the foot are extremely hard and this is basically because of the constant pressure exerted on them. 

What Are The Causes of Plantar Warts?

The following are the reasons that best describe the causes of getting plantar warts: 

Human papillomavirus (HPV): 

The basic reason for the plasterboards is that it is formed due to a viral infection basically called the human papillomavirus. The virus can also lead to some other secondary causes. 

It Can Be Contagious:

If any person in your surroundings has been subjected to plantar warts then unintentional touching can also lead to plantar warts being transferred to you too. 

Spread Through Personal Belongings:

As mentioned earlier, warts are virus-dependent in origin so this virus can be transmitted from personal belongings such as towels, shoes or gloves. 

What are the treatment options for plantar warts? 

The best ways to remove plantar warts in Dubai are enlisted as follows; 

Chemical Peeling Agents: 

Peeling agents like salicylic acid are one of the active ingredients in peeling off the external layer of the skin. It penetrates deep down into the skin causing the removal of this surface that consists of the wart or the bump. 

Freezing or Cryotherapy:

A thin layer of nitrogen is applied to the area of the wart. The procedure is slightly painful but the amount of nitrogen used is one of the major concerns that only the physician knows best. 

The nitrogen chemical is said to cause a list of an ulcer surrounding on the void. It is expected to slightly kill the wart from the inside. Later the wart gradually falls off once the blister is formed. 

Surgical Intervention:

The wart is incised using a sharp scalpel or by an electrocautery method that can distinctly slough off the wart.  The reason why surgical intervention is rarely used is because of the scarring and postoperative pain. 

Laser Technology:

This is one of the best treatments for plantar warts in Dubai. It is now used in our clinic because of its higher success rate and less damage to the tissue. The laser rays are emitted onto the surface of the targeted area. Within 2 to 3 weeks the what falls off on its own. It is better to seek 1 to 2 sessions for rapid results. 

Which is The Best Treatment Option For Plantar Words According To Physicians

The team of specialists present in our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic suggests that laser treatment is one of the best for plantar warts. The reason being is the less damage to the tissues. Moreover, it also gives rapid results with just 2 to 3 sessions. 

What Are The Benefits of Laser Treatment?

  • Clears off the wart and other skin conditions instantly.
  • Does not cause any scarring or damage.
  • Less invasive as compared to surgical treatment.

What Is The Cost of Plantar Wart Treatment

The cost of the plantar wart treatment is suggested by the physician depending upon the number of wards and the kind of treatment suitable for the candidate. 

The Bottom Line:

As mentioned earlier plantar warts removal cost in Dubai are of less importance aesthetically than physically. They are painful and very discomforting. It is better to get them treated beforehand as the spread of the virus can be very severe. It can also be transmitted to others therefore in order to prevent the spread it is better to seek the treatment on time.